Omarion Responds to Fan Calling Him Corny for Sharing Thirst Trap: Be Unbothered

The 37-year-old B2K lead singer is forced to defend himself after one Internet user drags him for sharing a selfie video on his Instagram page in which he shows off his abs while smiling.

AceShowbizOmarion is not here for negative vibes. Having been called “corny” by an online critic for sharing a thirst trap, the “Bump, Bump, Bump” singer responded to the troll and told him/her to “be unbothered.”

Recently, the lead singer of B2K took to his Instagram account to share a selfie video in which he showed off his abs and smiled. In the accompaniment of the clip, he wrote, “Scorpio Season is here. Love to all.”

Not everyone was amused by the post though, as one person commented under his clip saying, “Why are you so corny in your old age” Catching wind of the reply, Omarion hit back, “Bruh 37 isn’t old.”

“If expressing myself makes you uncomfortable that’s your fault, not mines,” the 37-year-old crooner added. “Be unbothered bro I’m trying to show you. Tighten up!”

Fans also came to the R&B singer’s defense, with one user writing, “Why he on his page if he thinks he’s so corny? Just hit unfollow.” Another argued, “Exactly I never understood why minding your business irritates people so bad.”

The person added, “And the ones who criticize and critique others be the most miserable and unhappy people that’s why everybody can’t come around me keep that negative and judgmental energy away from me.”

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