Pregnant Alesha Dixon’s estranged father begs her to let him meet his grandchild

Alesha Dixon’s estranged father has opened up about the anguish he feels over his daughter haring news of her pregnancy on live TV after his relationship with her has soured.

Melvin Dixon, 66, says he couldn’t bring himself to watch his 40-year-old daughter celebrate her growing pregnancy on television last month.

He also says he suffers sleepless nights having not spoken to her in eight years – and wants to beg her forgiveness so he can meet his soon-to-arrive new grandchild.

Alesha and her 38-year-old husband Azuka Ononye already has a five-year-old daughter named Azura – and are “over the moon” to be expecting their second child.

However, Melvin explained in an interview with The Sun on Sunday that he is struggling to share the couple’s excitement.

“It has been awful. It is torture seeing her on TV knowing she’s not part of my life any more,” he told the publication.

“I went to a friend’s house and Britain’s Got Talent came on the TV — I had to leave the room. I was too upset and, if I think about her before I go to bed, I cannot sleep,” he went on.

Melvin is also aching to meet the grandchild he already has – five-year-old Azura.

“I would love to see my grand-daughter, and when I first saw a picture of her in the paper I had a tear in my eye,” he said.

“I heard Alesha was pregnant again from the news and had a huge lump in my throat. She didn’t even call me. I very much doubt I will see her new baby and I have never met my other granddaughter,” he added.

Melvin is believed to have walked out on Alesha and her mother when the Britain’s Got Talent judge was just four-years-old.

It is also believed a rift was created between the pair when Melvin lashed out at his daughter during an argument with her and her then-finance MC Harvey.

“Alesha shouted at me, ‘I am not f***ing scared of you’. I said, ‘I didn’t raise you to be scared of me’. And then, yes, I did slap her,” Melvin confessed in his interview.

Alesha and MC Harvey (real name 40-year-old Michael Harvey Jr) were married between 2005 and 2006 – however Melvin was not invited to the wedding.

Alesha later met dancer Azura Ononye and the pair tied-the-knot in 2017, after welcoming their daughter Azura into the world in October 2013.

Alesha announced her second pregnancy live on Britain’s Got Talent last month as she appeared on stage with a blossoming baby bump.

“I’m over the moon. This is a lovely place to celebrate it,” she told show hosts Ant and Dec on May 27.

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