Priyanka Chopra to Meghan Markle Haters: You Are ALL RACIST!

Despite her beauty and grace and giving birth to a royal baby, Meghan Markle remains unpopular in certain circles in the UK, including the tabloids.

The reason for which so many people are eager to attack her is no real mystery, but it seems that only Priyanka Chopra is willing to say it.

The hate engine that constantly attacks Meghan? It’s fueled by racism.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Priyanka Chopra spoke about the absolute vitriol that has been directed at Meghan Markle.

The most famous of Meghan’s haters, of course, are members of her own family.

But even the media — especially British tabloids — have taken a hard line, blaming her for any and all societal ills.

Priyanka understates that this cruel coverage is “really unfortunate.”

“But,” she notes. “If there’s anyone who can handle it, it’s her.”

When asked if she believes that the bizarre animosity is rooted in racism, Priyanka speaks the truth.

“For sure, 100%,” Priyanka accurately replies. “Of course it has to do with racism.”

So many people have tried to tiptoe around and avoid calling out famously racist British tabloids for their blatant racism. But not Priyanka.

She explains that “it’s an obvious reason.”

“But the beauty of Meg,” Priyanka praises. “Is that she’s been herself through all of this.”

Priyanke then goes on to praise her friend’s authenticity — while also reminding the world that they were friends before Meghan was on any royal radar.

“A lot of people got to know her after everything [once she started dating Harry],” Priyanka notes.

“But I knew her before,” she adds.

And she can confirm that Meghan has remained true to herself.

Priyanka affirms: “She’s the same chick.”

Some people allow this level of global megafame to change them. Meghan has not.

“Now that she’s got a real platform,” Priyanka continues. “She talks about the same things she always did.”

“We spent hours speaking about the difference that influence and dialogue can make to the world before this whole thing happened,” she says.

“So what you see now,” Priyanka emphasizes. “Is authentically her.”

“She’s always been the girl wanting to move the needle,” she praises.

Priyanka is no stranger to global fame — or to moving the needle — herself.

She starred in dozens of Bollywood films before most people in the United States new her name.

And, like her friend Meghan, she recently married one of the most famously desirable men on the planet.

(Real talk, Priyanka and Nick Jonas are both beautiful, talented, and head-over-heels in love with being famous — they’re a perfect match)

It’s wonderful that Priyanka is in a place where she, as a fellow public figure, cna defend her friend against mindless hate.

Some people will object to the characterization that much of the criticism of Meghan has been fueled by racism.

Those folks are either lying to the world or to themselves.

Meghan is a charming, beautiful, polite woman. She and Harry are madly in love and have already produced an heir.

Prince William very probably cheated on his wife with a marchioness.

The people inventing claims that Meghan is the source of tension between the royal brothers have no excuse.

The only non-racist explanation for the hate is a blind resentment because she’s American. That’s better, but not by a whole lot.

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