Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark talks ‘regret’ after Prince William interview error ‘Horrendous’

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Chris Stark, 33, met Prince William at the beginning of lockdown to conduct an interview for That Peter Crouch Podcast. The radio DJ and close friend of the footballer visited Kensington Palace to record the episode back in March, however it was not broadcast until July, which resulted in him receiving backlash from social media users.

I really regret what I wore

Chris Stark

In the memorable episode, which can also be watched on YouTube, Prince William is seen discussing mental health as he sips on a pint of cold beer with Chris and Peter.

Chris recalled: “It was incredible, and a really odd experience actually because we recorded the podcast and this was right at the start of lockdown. 

“We couldn’t really put it out because the world changed really quickly…and it felt like three guys p***ing around and having a few beers is probably not the best thing one week into coronavirus time, so it didn’t get played out.

 “I wasn’t sure if It was ever going to get released, which would have been a crazy thing, but eventually it did and also as part of that we got to have more time with him, so we recorded some more stuff around that.”

Describing his meeting with the future king as “incredible”, Chris also expressed deep regret at his outfit for the occasion.

He continued: “It was incredible, I went to Kensington Palace, and I really regret what I wore.

“I didn’t really think about it. I was told you know we’re going to have beers with him, so I just rolled up as if we’re going to the pub, which was a mistake.

“I got absolutely hammered about it, it was horrendous,” he added.

Online comments hitting out at the Radio One star’s casual attire came in thick and fast after it was streamed.

Chris explained: “I remember when the podcast went out at midnight, they put a picture of all of us and Prince William. I remember seeing the first few messages coming through from people saying, ‘Oh my god, they got him on the podcast, this is ridiculous’.

“And I think the third message was, ‘What the f**k is he wearing?’ And it just snowballed from there but it’s cool,” he added.

The multi-talented star is now releasing his first-ever cookbook, Eat Sleep Zoom Reheat, which is aimed at university students and helps them get to grips with making nutritious dishes between classes.

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Chris said of his reasoning behind the concept: “I just wanted to make a student cookbook that was written by a student because when I looked into it and I had this idea, I found that student cookbooks were extremely phoney and incredibly patronising. 

“Frankly they didn’t seem to be written by students. So I just wanted to make something where if there is a student going to university, that’s exactly like me and doesn’t have a clue how to cook or just wanted a bit of inspiration, then at least they would get a book that’s written by someone that went.

“It’s just been really fun. I have never made anything like this.

“I’m really pleased we have managed to make it happen.“

Although many students will have lectures online this year, the DJ wanted to ensure that if they were spending more time in halls they could have inspirational dishes to enjoy cooking.

He explained: “I’m trying to make a student cookbook on the one year students might not be going to uni.

“So it was a bold move, but the truth is I wanted to make the book for students, they might actually find more time for cooking as the nightlife will probably be different.

“I really hope it’s useful for some people, but it is going to be different, I mean even for me, I don’t think freshers is going to be the same.”

 Eat Sleep Zoom Reheat by Chris Stark, John Blake Publishing, out now. £9.99

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