Rapper Boosie Badazz Reportedly Shot In The Leg During Afternoon Incident At Dallas Strip Mall

The rapper Boosie Badazz was reportedly shot in the leg on Saturday afternoon during a trip to Dallas — not even a full day after he’d paid his respects to another Dallas rapper who had been shot and killed recently, as well.

The Baton Rouge native was in Dallas on Saturday at a strip mall called Big T’s Plaza, according to TMZ, when somebody allegedly opened fire on the Sprinter Van in which Boosie was riding. One of the bullets shot into the van struck Boosie in the leg, and the van quickly made its way to the hospital.

For now, according to sources who spoke to the outlet, Boosie is doing “okay” and “his injuries seem to be non-life threatening” at this point. That’s certainly a good thing; reports suggest the wound was somewhere “below the knee,” around the calf area.

On social media, there was some outcry for a while on Saturday afternoon that argued Boosie wasn’t shot at all, but the outlet reported that they stood by their sources, and could confirm that the rapper was shot and taken to the hospital for his serious (but not life-threatening, reportedly) condition.

Now, of note, the shooting occurred in the same city where rapper Mo3 was inexplicably shot dead on a freeway just a few days ago. Mo3 was the rapper Boosie was in town paying his respects towards, as the pair has previously worked together in the studio. Police, who are currently investigating the Boosie shooting, have neither confirmed nor denied a connection to the previous Mo3 shooting from the other day.

Witnesses on scene at the strip mall say that at least three cars were involved in this shooting incident. It’s unclear whether the cops have much to go on, though, as when they arrived at the plaza to investigate “there was nobody around and no signs of a crime being committed.” Nevertheless, the investigation will go on, in Mo3’s shooting and in this particular one, as well.

It sounds like Boosie will be OK after this scary incident, but still, sending good thoughts of a quick recovery his way now. Especially after the death of his friend and fellow artist, too. We can’t even imagine what it’s like to go through all this. Scary, scary stuff…

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