Robin Givens Responds To Mike Tyson’s Claim That He Caught Her With Brad Pitt During Their Marriage

Six years after Mike Tyson made shocking claims about ex, Robin Givens, and Brad Pitt in his book, the actress is dishing on what parts of the story are true — and which were totally exaggerated!

Robin Givens was put in the hot seat during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on June 9, and one fan asked a burning question about her relationship with Brad Pitt, who guest-starred on her show, Head of the Class, in the late 80s, before he was famous. The question was in regards to something Robin’s ex-husband, Mike Tyson, wrote about her and Brad in his 2013 memoir, Undisputed Truth. In the book, the boxer claimed that he once drove up to Robin’s house after their split and saw her in a car with Brad in the driveway. Robin admitted that this was true, but shot down other reports that Mike caught the two in bed together.

Host Andy Cohen went onto ask Robin about Mike’s claim that he terrified Brad when he approached them in the car. Mike wrote that Brad “looked ready to receive his last rites” and pleaded with him, “Don’t strike me, don’t strike me! We were just running lines. She was talking about you the whole time.” However, Robin shut down this portion of the story, too. “Does that sound like Brad?” she asked. “I mean, Brad’s got some swag. No, never.” She also confirmed that she and Brad were just “coming back from a screening” when they were in the car together.

Robin and Mike were married in Feb. 1988, just two years after they first met. The actress suffered a miscarriage later that year, and things began to fall apart between the two. She filed for divorce in October, and it was finalized in Feb. 1989. Robin re-married in 1997, but divorced her husband months later. She adopted one son in 1993, and welcomed another with an ex-boyfriend in 1999.

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