Scott Disick and Sofia Richie: Totes Ready to Get Engaged!

Despite Scott Disick’s latest birthday making their relationship numerically creepier, he and Sofia Richie are going strong.

They’ve been together for two years and she’s already bonded with his three children. So what’s next?

According to a new report, they’ve had serious discussions about getting engaged.

Us Weekly reports that Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have really talked about taking things to the next level.

According to an insider, Scott and Sofia “have talked seriously about getting engaged.”

“It’s a real possibility,” confirms a second source.

But it doesn’t sound like there’s a real sense of urgency between the two.

“As it is now,” that second insider continues. “Sofia and Scott look at each other as life partners.”

Scott recently turned 36, meaning that the pair of them have a 16-year age gap.

They’re both consenting adults, of course, but many wondered how long they could really last even if they are, technically, both Millennials.

But now they’ve been dating for two years.

According to an insider, Scott and Sofia “are in a great place.”

“And,” the source adds, the pair are “stronger than ever.”

If Scott and Sofia do decide to take things to the next level, will that make things awkward — or worse — with Scott’s baby mama?

That first insider says that Kourtney is “not only unbothered by the idea of them getting engaged.”

The source announces that “they’d [even] have her full support.”

It sounds like Kourtney is astonishingly chill about Scott’s relationship getting even more serious.

Keep in mind that she and Scott were together for many years and had three kids without taking that step.

So why exaclty is Kourtney reportedly not just okay with, but happy about the idea of Scott proposing to Sofia?

“Sofia is really so good with his kids,” the insider explains.

We’ve heard as much. Sofia probably wasn’t planning on becoming basically a stepmom at 20, but she’s said to have bonded with the Disick kids.

“And,” the source notes. “She has a good friendship and relationship with Kourtney.”

Those group vacations and potentially awkward coparenting dinners have really paid off, huh?

Kourtney must feel relieved that Sofia is getting along so well with her kids. No worries about a “wicked stepmom” here!

Mason Disick is 9 years old, meaning that Sophia is only a little over twice his age.

Penelope Disick is 6 years old.

Reigh Disick, the youngest, is 4 years old.

But it must also be a comfort to her that Scott and Sofia have found real love and companionship.

Because that didn’t seem to be where Scott was headed in 2017.

In 2017, Scott Disick was spiraling.

He was seen with every hot 19-year-old model he could come across, from big-name hotties like Bella Thorne to the relatively unknown.

Reports said that friends were in fear for his life after his alleged drinking binges.

He and Kourtney were over, and Kourt had to work overtime to shield her kids from stories about Scott’s behavior.

Anyone is welcome to thot around the world all that they like, but if you have kids, your first responsibility is to be a parent.

But against all odds, Scott and Sofia — yet another young, outrageously hot young model — seemed to forge a connection.

Maybe Scott was done buring his weird man-feelings in the bodies of random women.

But maybe Sofia and Scott just click. Despite arguments that they’ve had, they’re still together.

An engagement would be amazing news, but let’s not hold our breath.

Sofia is so young and marriage is a huge milestone.

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