Selma Blair Fights Back Tears Over Wish for Late Mom Seeing Her MS Success

The ‘Hellboy’ actress, who had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2018, confesses in a new interview that she would love to know her mother in a whole different way.

AceShowbizSelma Blair wishes her mother could have lived long enough to see her sick daughter was going to be OK.

The “Hellboy” star revealed she had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2018 and underwent a stem cell transplant and chemotherapy to reboot her immune system.

A year later and months after her mother’s death, the actress has given a new interview to U.S. show “Nightline”, and fights tears as she imagines how thrilled her mum would be with her progress.

“I would love to know her in a whole different way instead of her daughter who didn’t feel well, which was a lot of our relationship,” Selma said. “I didn’t feel well my whole life. I wish she could see I’m OK.”

Meanwhile, the actress, who had always steered clear of chemo, has learned to embrace the treatment, thanks to the way it has improved her quality of life.

“I was mortally afraid of chemo my whole life,” she added. “I am someone who has always gone holistic when I can and I met with Doctor Burr and he said, ‘Before you go home to California, I’m gonna give you some chemo tonight and see how you do.’ “

“The next day I was on the plane talking clearly. It was that quick. And the inflammation started to go down again… I am a different person… Resilience is possible.”

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