Shailene Woodley Tans Her Vagina; 'Spread Your Legs and Get Some Sunshine'

When it comes to her health, Shailene Woodley isn’t afraid to try things that may seem a little unorthodox. For example, the movie star limits her time on her cell phone in order to help manage her anxiety. But Woodley also uses various traditions and techniques to manage her physical health also. Rather than relying solely on Western medicines, Woodley loves finding natural ways to keep herself healthy.

Because Woodley is extremely well-traveled, she has borrowed traditions from a myriad of cultures and customs. For example, the Divergent alum started eating clay after she learned from a taxi driver that some women in African cultures eat clay when they are pregnant. Woodley also started implementing oil pulling into her health and beauty regiments before it was mainstream. In an interview with Into The Gloss, Woodley got candid about the benefits of oil pulling and the effects it had on her teeth.

Shailene Woodley explains the benefits of oil-pulling

“I love a natural way to heal,” Woodley shared with the publication. “You can do something called ‘oil pulling’ where you swish coconut or sesame oil in your mouth when you wake up and spit it out. It’s amazing! It really makes your teeth whiter, because the plaque on your teeth is not water-soluble, it’s fat-soluble. So the lipids have to dissolve in fats, which is why oil works in your mouth. I prefer sesame oil, but they’re both good.” 

While oil-pulling isn’t considered to be too unorthodox these days, Woodley also detailed a more unusual health ritual in the aforementioned interview. According to the Endings, Beginnings star, tanning her genitals was another practice that she incorporated into her routine in order to keep herself happy and healthy.

Why the ‘Big Little Lies’ alum chooses to tan her vagina

“Another thing I like to do is give my vagina a little vitamin D,” Woodley said candidly. “I was reading an article written by an herbalist I studied about yeast infections and other genital issues. She said there’s nothing better than vitamin D. If you’re feeling depleted, go in the sun for an hour and see how much energy you get. Or, if you live in a place that has heavy winters, when the sun finally comes out, spread your legs and get some sunshine.”

Woodley’s fans should consult their doctors before taking her health advice

Woodley may have studied a lot, but fans of hers may want to think twice about her suggestion before implementing it into their routines. Vaginas, like all other parts of the body, are quite sensitive to sun exposure. And considering SPF is only formulated for external use, tanning your genitalia may not be the best thing for you long term. You may even run the risk of skin cancer if you’re not careful. At the very least, fans who are interested in taking Woodley’s advice should consult their doctors first before they let it all hang out.

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