Strictlys Kym Marsh had volatile relationship with former co-star

Strictly: Kym Marsh introduces herself before show starts

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Kym Marsh, 46, left Hear’Say after a series of furious rows with co-star Myleene Klass, despite the group’s debut single having become the fastest-selling number one song since records first began. Enraged, Kym couldn’t stand the “fake” relationship with her co-star and decided to leave less than a year after joining.

The unearthed quotes detailing her volatile relationship with Myleene come hot on the heels of BBC host Gethin Jones jokingly warning Strictly pro Graziano di Prima that Kym is “a nightmare to work with”.

The former Coronation Street star made her debut on Strictly Come Dancing on Friday evening, after insisting that her previous stint in Hear’Say did not give her an “unfair advantage” when it came to twirling on the dancefloor.

She pointed out that she had been in the group for a mere matter of months – but why exactly did she leave?

In Kym’s subsequent 2013 biography, From The Heart, she unveiled the truth about her troubled relationship with the other band members.

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“I was lonely, stressed and sad when I should have been loving it,” she revealed of her early rise to fame, aged just 24. “Tensions were building in the band and I felt like I was the odd one out.”

She had been sharing a flat with her co-star which she later joked put her “in the position most blokes would kill for – to see Myleene in the nude!”

However, tensions rose between the competitive pair and according to Kym, things came to a head during a performance on the Jerry Springer talk show in the USA.

The show was renowned for often descending into fisticuffs between furious guests, while Jerry tried to resolve their relationship issues for them.

However, little did fans of Hear’Say know that, behind the scenes, the band members were experiencing furious rows too – until Kym told all in her autobiography.

“Me and Myleene had a slanging match but someone split us up as we were due to go on air,” she wrote.

“Going on to perform our single was horrible. At one point, me and Myleene had to put our arms around one another.”

The Coronation Street star then shuddered: “It was so fake and I hated every minute of it.”

Staff at the studios had heard the pair rowing and the following day, the row was “all over the newspapers”.

“We managed to put it behind us but the niggles remained [and] the problems festered,” she explained.

Kym had accused Myleene of doing little more than “getting her t***s out” in the group, which also included Suzanne Shaw, Noel Sullivan and Danny Foster.

The five had soared past thousands of other hopefuls to win their place after entering TV talent contest Popstars way back in 2001.

Then a claim emerged that Kym had refused to go to Oman to sing for British troops, and she was incensed.

“When I asked my PR agent, he said that someone in the band had spoken to the newspaper. I felt utterly betrayed,” she continued in her autobiography.

After she was approached for comment, the furious performer simply said: “I quit” – a hasty decision which she later regretted making before she’d spoken to the band.

Today, Kym and Myleene have an amicable relationship after the latter reached out to Kym when she lost the premature baby she’d had with fellow acting star Jamie Lomas of Hollyoaks, back in 2009.

She revealed that Myleene had helped her choose music for son Archie’s funeral and had sent a big bunch of flowers to the crematorium.

“Life is too short to hold grudges and what happened back then isn’t anyone’s fault,” she wrote, insisting: “I am determined not to let anything or anyone come between us again.”

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