Taylor Swift is playing snake games with a cover of ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

It’s National Siblings Day! My brother @austinkingsleyswift is one of my best pals, and I’m really proud of him because he’s in a film that came out today called We Summon The Darkness (which he also co-produced). Photo by Gigi. My facial expression by 3 glasses of wine. #nationalsiblingsday

The last great Summer of Gossip was summer 2016. God that summer was fun and full of shenanigans. Before the Worldwide Tiddlebanging Tour really took off, Taylor had some old business to take care of: breaking up with Calvin Harris for REASONS. She could never just leave a relationship as an adult and say that she just wasn’t into Calvin anymore. No, it had to be hyper-dramatic. She wrote a song for Calvin and he didn’t give her credit, except maybe she didn’t want credit. Then he dissed her in an interview and she wanted credit and on and on. The song was “This Is What You Came For,” written by Taylor, performed by Rihanna and produced/mixed by Calvin Harris. When the song first came out, the song’s authorship was credited to Nils Sjöberg. During the messy breakup with Calvin, Taylor confirmed that she was and is “Nils Sjöberg.”

Why bring this up? Because it’s an important relic of gossip history, for sure. But Taylor has probably done it again. Last night, Taylor posted this “cover” of her song “Look What You Made Me Do” which appeared on the opening credits of Killing Eve:

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) May 25, 2020

As it turns out, Jack Leopards and the Dolphin Club does not exist. No one has heard of them before. They’ve never had any recording or writing credit. The Snake Fam did a deeper dive and look:

— Sara (@stateoftay16) May 25, 2020

Which is a fun fact, but also… who the hell is singing the damn song? I completely buy that Taylor Swift is running another snake mystery for her fans to discover, but who is Jack Leopards really and why does he sound like a bad Tom Waits impersonator? Turns out, it might be Taylor’s brother Austin. I can’t.

— Sara (@stateoftay16) May 25, 2020

— smilesfortaylor (@SmilesForTaylor) May 25, 2020

The Snake Fam has also theorized that this has something to do with Scooter Braun and Taylor’s war with Big Machine about the masters for her first six albums. But… Braun and his company still own the masters, so if Jack Leopards/Austin Swift covered a song from one of those albums, Braun is still making money off of it. Just sayin’.

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