Tennis Player Dominic Thiem Calls Out Serena Williams As Having ‘Bad Personality’

Austrian tennis player Dominic Thiem was agitated with Serena Williams during the 2019 French Open this weekend and said she has a “bad personality.”

It all started when the 25-year-old Austrian player was in the middle of giving his post-match news conference when suddenly, he was asked to move to a different room.

Dominic discovered that Serena, who had just lost her match in a surprising upset to Sofia Kenin, asked officials to “put me in another room…smaller, but now.”

Officials decided to put her in Dominic‘s room.

“I don’t really get it. Seriously,” Dominic said (via USA Today). “I mean, what the hell? It’s a joke, really.”

“it is just the principle,” he continued. “Even if a junior is in there, every player has to wait. It is a matter of course. It also shows a bad personality, in my opinion. I am 100% sure (Roger) Federer or (Rafael) Nadal would never do something like that.”

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