The Definitive Duggar Family Tree: A Complete Guide to Courtships and Babies! [UPDATED]

Large sections of the Old Testament are devoted to genealogies – lengthy lists of couplings and the biblically-significant offspring that they begat.

Given the Duggars' love for the Good Book, we're sure someone in the family has compiled a similar compendium of the courtships and marriages that led to the creation of Jim Bob and Michelle's many granchildren.

It might seem like it would take a monastic scholar to keep track of the rapid expansion of the Counting On clan, but we tried. We tried.

THG has managed to create a complete list of the #LittleDuggars without locking ourselves in an abbey with a quill and parchment.

But that's not to say it was a simple task.

After all, Jim Bob and Michelle have a lot of kids, and those kids are very dedicated to the task of populating Northwest Arkansas with Duggars.

So sit back, grab a Duggar-friendly snack (might we suggest a jar of pickles?) and explore the family tree of TV's most beloved Baptist brood.

1.Meet the Duggars

2.Humble Beginnings

3.Fame Comes Calling

4.A Bunch of Stars Are Born

5.On the Grow

6.Overlapping Generations

7.The Tradition Continues

8.Keeping Busy

9.Jill's Turn

10.And Baby Makes Four

11.What Next?

12.Hot On Her Heels

13.Picking Up On a Theme?

14.The Rebel Settles Down

15.Breaking With Tradition

16.Shaking Up the Order


18.Not Your Average Joe

19.Congratulations Are In Order!

20.The Hits Keep on Coming

21.A Joyous Development

22.Not to Be Outdone …

23.Another Bundle of Joy

24.A Busy Year

25.And They're Still Going …

26.What the Future Holds

27.Making Moves

28.It's the Duggar Way

29.UPDATE: A Time of Upheaval

30.Spilling the Tea

31.A Budding Author

32.Time Marches On

33.Jana and Laura

34.More Than Friends?

35.Exciting Stuff!

36.Joy-Anna Bumpin'

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