‘The Morning Show’: Emmy-Nominated Director Mimi Leder Says Season 2 “Will Reflect The World We’re Living In” – Crew Call Podcast

After putting us inside what felt like the fallout of the Matt Lauer-Brooke Nevils Today Show sex scandal, AppleTV’s The Morning Show leaves us off on an interesting note: Amid Alex Levy’s (Jennifer Aniston) meltdown on-air, her co-anchor Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) reports on a cruise liner which is being held at bay with a virus onboard.

That finale episode “The Interview” had landed director Mimi Leder her tenth career Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series category.

Praising her fellow EP Kerry Ehrin’s brilliant gift of foresight and being able to predict events, Leder says “We looked at that, and said, WTF? She’s a witch.”

As such, in season 2 of The Morning Show “the writing will reflect the world we’re living in”, adds Leder without spilling too many details.

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Ehrin swears that the The Today Show scandal had no influence on her writing The Morning Show, and if you think about, some of the events that occurred in real-time (such as NBC News boss Andy Lack’s departure) occurred well after the AppleTV+ series aired in late December.

Similar to how HBO’s Watchmen continues to resonate in the midst of #BlackLivesMatter, so does Morning Show in its response to #MeToo.

“I feel that #MeToo happened and we incorporated that into our show, and it became the main theme in our show,” explains Leder on today’s Crew Call.

“Yes, behaviors have changed on sets, and in the workplace where abuse was tolerated and concealed, but it’s still happening, and it’s still happening in very powerful positions. It’s almost like a disease you can’t find the cure for; it’s part of the fabric of human behavior in this huge power structure that has gone on for so long,” adds the two-time Emmy winner, who took home trophies for ER in the outstanding drama series and directing drama series categories.

“It’s a hard thing to do, to look at your corporate culture and say we have to change this,” explains Leder, “the virus of sexual abuse in the workplace is still there. We have to be on top of it, more than ever.”

Leder has continually been a trailblazer for female filmmakers. She was the first woman accepted into the AFI Conservatory, and she was the first filmmaker to direct a movie for DreamWorks Studios, that being 1999’s George Clooney-Nicole Kidman action movie, The Peacemaker. 

The Morning Show is nominated for eight Emmys, including Aniston for Lead Actress Drama, and Steve Carell in Lead Actor Drama for his turn as disgraced daytime show anchor Mitch Kessler.

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