The Next Episode Of The Moscatels Is Going To Be Ssssssssso Crazy!!!

OK this is seriously too much to handle! LOLz!

The last time we left The Moscatels, we were enamored with their uber-rich lifestyle and all the beautiful things that come along with that. But what happens when we learn about what really goes on behind the scenes? Suddenly things aren’t so pretty and proper! Ha!!!

Sources are telling us the next YouTube-only episode of The Moscatels will involve wild animals — snakes, to be exact, as you can see (above) — and it’s already got our skin crawling a little bit!

Apparently, Cole discovers one of their properties has a rat infestation problem — and Kelsea (jokingly?!) suggests snakes as the best way to get rid of the issue! Before we can even think twice, Cole has a handler with eight (!!!) snakes on the way to the place, including one very intimidating 16-foot, 85-lb. python! WTF?!

Oh, and did we mention Kelsea is TERRIFIED of snakes?! (Girl, join the club!)

As it turns out, the snakes are there simply as a practical joke on Kelsea, and they don’t let ’em run loose to kill the rats, which would be crazy. Cole simply enlisted the help of Celebrity Constrictors to bring out a handful of their most impressive specimens and scare Kelsea half to death.

Nice work! That’d get us, too!!! And judging by the pics we’ve seen it appears there are going to be some incredible animals appearing on the show!

Guess we’ll have to tune in this coming Thursday on YouTube (click HERE) to watch this whole episode go down! Sssssssuper!

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