The Real Reason Jeremy And Jinger Vuolo Can Go On So Many Dates

It seems like “Counting On” fans are always giving Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo a hard time about documenting their every date. In fact, one Reddit user took to the platform to share a screenshot of Jeremy’s Instagram Story depicting yet another intimate outing. “There’s something so un-romantic to me about making your significant other stop and look at the camera multiple times, every time you go out for date night so that you can post it to social media …,” they wrote. 

However, Jeremy is finally revealing how he and his wife make so much time for each other after Jinger shared a video from their “date night” at Shake Shack via Instagram on May 31. “How do you manage so many date nights??? We have no help and I can’t remember the last time we could share some fries,” one person commented, to which Jeremy replied, “We make it a priority to find a babysitter so we can have an hour or so out together. Church is a great place to find meaningful relationships and … babysitters.”

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