Tommy Fury Instagram: ‘I legged it’ Love Island star spills all on ditching awkward date

Love Island 2019 star Tommy Fury, 20, reflected on an awkward date he had with a previous love interest, admitting he ended it swiftly after she “didn’t say a word”. Explaining all, he said: “About a year and a half ago I was texting this girl for about a week. “She came across really nice on text, everything you’d look for and then I met her in person and she did not say one word. I’m a chatty guy so it was like talking to a brick wall,” he added.

I came back and said my mum had called me and I had to leave

Tommy Fury

Reflecting on how his date ended, he continued: “After ten minutes I said I had to go to the toilet and then I came back and said my mum had called me and I had to leave and asked what time her train home was.

“She wasn’t too happy but at the end of the day I can’t do anything with that. I legged it!”

On the show, Tommy is currently coupled up with surfer Lucie Donlan, 21.

However, after Lucie insisted she had feelings for Joe Garratt, 22, Tommy tried to get to know Amber Gill, 21.

Elsewhere, ahead of his villa stint, Tommy told OK! Magazine he has been single for eight to 10 months, but his ex-girlfriend Mille Roberts recently insisted he is lying.

Taking to Instagram this week, Tommy’s ex Millie said the pair were still dating in February.

She shared a picture of the pair together with the date 19 Feb 2019 circled.

In view of her 14,000 followers, she wrote: “It’s mad what fame and money can do.

“Didn’t realise February to March was eight-10 months ago?

“I know your not the best at maths but this is no excuse.

“It’s mad what fame and money can do to people, try and act like the whole relationship was nothing. But okay Tommy, you do you.”(sic)

Tommy had told the publication: “I’ve been single now for about eight-10 months. But like I say, it was my first relationship.

“We all have first girlfriends.”

When asked about why the couple’s relationship ended, he said: “It just fizzled out.

“I can’t say a bad word about the girl, but as far as I’m concerned, it just fizzled out.

“And I’m very honest with my feelings so I approached her and said, ‘Listen I’m not really feeling it anymore. You’re a great girl but as far as a relationship is concerned I can’t really go 100 per cent in it.’”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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