What Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and other royals could look like in the future

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Sometimes technology really blows our minds – and one particularly hilarious use of tech is the FaceApp filter which allows you to see what you'll look like when you're much, much older!

As with all new face-changing apps, when they launch, celebs are some of the first to try the funny filters. While the royals never share the fruits of their experiments, we wouldn't be surprised if they had as much fun with new apps as we do. And here at HELLO! we've had a play around with FaceApp to see what the royals will look like in a few decades' time. Click through for the best results…

The Duchess of Cambridge

She's one of the most photographed women in the world and always looks preened to perfection, with her bouncy Chelsea blowdry and her flawless eye makeup. And we have to say, even in thirty years' time, Kate still looks ultra glam!

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The Duchess of Sussex

Meghan still looks radiant with the aging app. She may have a few more wrinkles, but she's still as gorgeous as ever!

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Princess Eugenie

Doesn't Eugenie look more and more like her mum Sarah, Duchess of York?


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Princess Beatrice

Judging by this snap, Beatrice will still look beautiful in her older years.

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Prince Harry

Harry would make a great Father Christmas to any future grandchildren.

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Prince Charles

How wise and caring does the future King look?

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The Countess of Wessex

We're imaging Sophie as an absolute glam-ma.

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The Duchess of Cornwall

She may be a few years older, but Camilla still has the same beaming smile.

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Prince Edward

Lucky Edward. Her Majesty's youngest child doesn't appear to have aged much!

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Prince William

We wonder if the Duke of Cambridge has had a play on the app at home.

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