Women are throwing away their razors and embracing ‘the full bush’ natural look

Ladies, it's time to ditch your razor and cancel your next bikini wax appointment – because it seems that the full bush is back.

Fashion and beauty bible Vogue has declared that a 'full bush' is officially the new Brazilian – and if Vogue says it, obviously it must be true.

The surge in popularity of Brazilian and Hollywood waxes has meant a bare look down below has been on-trend for the past decade or so, but now the au naturale look has been resurrected from the 70s.

The bush has been slowly making a comeback over the past few years, with celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Graham and Emma Watson all advocating for pubic hair.

New York–based holistic ob-gyn Dr. Eden Fromberg spoke to the popular publication and said: "Women are becoming increasingly aware that our bodies are a lot more than the visual or sexual playthings.

"We want to express our diversity and power, live our preferences, and feel comfortable in our own bodies without judgement."

If you're thinking of transitioning from being smooth to your natural look, the Dr. Fromberg recommends following these five steps to keep your hair healthy.

1. Use a pair of trimmer scissors

Cutting pubic hair with small trimming scissors rather than scissors you might use for paper and in the kitchen is best apparently. Make sure they're clean first though, of course.

Dr Fromberg also recommends using a natural shaving cream and a fine tooth comb to keep the hair in place if you're trying to neaten your bush.

2. Exfoliate to combat and avoid ingrown hairs

Giving the area a good old scrub in the shower helps keep ingrown hairs at bay as it helps lift dead skin and hairs that can get trapped.

Use a product like Fur’s Ingrown Concentrate which is infused with moisturising coconut oil and antibacterial tea tree oil to help get rid any existing bumps.

3. Cleanse the area – but not TOO much

It's important to keep your down-below area clean to avoid any trapped odours or bacteria. Using a gentle feminine wash can help, especially if it's pH-balanced and free of artificial fragrance, parabens, and sulfates.

Avoid lathering up too much though, as it could cause a lack of moisture and could dry your skin out.

4. Soften the hair

Celebs like Emma Watson swear by Fur Oil – which has anti-inflammatory properties, strand-softening jojoba oils, and a light citrus scent.

Nourishing your hair is important – that's because cutting and shaving pubic hair can make the ends more bristly in texture. If you leave it long it will become much softer, and using gentle oils will keep your hair extra silky.

5. Give it some air

Pubic hair protects the skin against irritation from uncomfortable fabrics. But airing it out is important too. “Avoid tight clothing and let your pubic area breathe after a long day or sweaty workouts,” said Fromberg.

It's also worth steering clear of synthetic fabrics and opting for cotton underwear.

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