Young Dolph's Charity Turkey Giveaway Continues Despite Murder

Young Dolph was brutally murdered, but his efforts to lift his community up are still going strong, including one act of kindness he was supposed to complete the day he was killed.

Dolph was behind a series of charity events all this week, handing out turkeys and groceries to families in need. He was supposed to show up at one of those events Wednesday, but that plan was tragically cut short when two men opened fire hours earlier, killing the rapper.

While still devastated, reps from Dolph’s Paper Route record label rallied to get the charity event back on track for Friday … and giving out hundreds of birds to needy families on a day when Dolph would have done it himself.

Dolph had previously established the IdaMae Family Foundation — named for his grandmother — and we’re told those closest to him know he would’ve wanted the event to continue, despite his absence.

As we reported, police have released photos of the alleged shooters and their getaway car … but no arrests have been made and suspects have not been released.

One constant story that continues to be echoed in his loss is how much Dolph did for his community, and thankfully the people around him seem to want to carry that tradition forward.

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