Bag posh homeware on eBay for a fraction of the price with these simple shopping tips

IT'S no secret that eBay is a bargain shopper's dream with hidden gems, including fashion and second-hand bits, just waiting to be found.

But the popular bargain website is a goldmine when it comes to spotting designer homeware pieces too and there are a few handy hacks that'll help save you a fortune.

Thanks to eBay's Home Outlet, you can score some very posh furniture and homeware items for a fraction of the price.

Not only that but there are some ways you can find exactly what you want with a few simple tweaks.

Fabulous spoke with eBay's Alex Hiatt, who is the Head of Home & Garden and she shared with us some insider hacks which will guarantee huge savings.

1. Always shop the outlet

Firstly, if you're looking for new homeware items, you shouldn't be looking anywhere other than the outlet.

It features some of the most popular brands including Oliver Bonas, Swoon and The White Company, but you won't be paying full price EVER.

2. Skip the brand names

Some of the best bargains though are the non-branded items and you can get some incredible dupes waiting to be found.

If there's a particular style you like, search for that rather than the brand name itself and you'll be surprised by what it is you find.

Alex says: "Everyone loves a brand name drop, here and there, but you’ll find your pockets will thank you if you ditch the designers once in a while.

"In eBay’s furniture range, you’ll find lots of unbranded gems."

3. Try search name variations

It's easy to search the name of the exact item you want only to be met with disappointment when it doesn't appear.

But don't lose hope. Instead, try a few approaches to your search by changing keywords.


You can search by brand name, furniture style or other defining features

Sometimes, you’ll find the pieces are named differently, or there might even be a spelling error.

4. Consider pre-loved and refurbished

Alex says: "Opting for preloved is a great way to find posh and more opulent homeware, for a fraction of the price on eBay."

Plus, eBay often hosts a wide range of refurbished items for less – and you wouldn't even know the difference.

"Refurbished items such as mattresses and smart TVs can be found up to 65% cheaper compared to new items, and for that extra layer of trust, they come with a 1 year guarantee. "

You can check out eBay's Certified Refurbished site which will have on offer a wide range of items getting flogged for cheap – and it saves them from going to landfill. 

5. Think ahead

If you shop for things that are in season (think outdoor and gardening bits) then you're almost guaranteed to pay a higher amount for them.

Try searching for out of season stock or items from a previous range with will certainly be cheaper.

6. Keep track of your searches

If you're after something specific, try "following your search".

This means eBay can keep an eye on your search for you and notify you when similar items pop up, or if there's been a price change, according to Hello!

7. Make an offer

Keep an eye out for listings that allow you to make an offer which could mean extra cash in your pocket.

Don't be afraid to go as low as possible, even if it's below your budget and asking price.

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