B&M shopper shares store’s Christmas decorations… but there’s one in particular that’s got people talking

A WOMAN shared a startling discovery when shopping for Christmas decorations and bargain store B&M.

TikToker Brina Johnson uploaded a video of her browsing the festive aisle.

In the short clip she showed row and rows of baubles with the words "Incredibly detailed decorations at B&M this year" on the screen, along with a few cheeky emojis.

In the next frame Brina held up a white sparkling reindeer ornament with woodland animals perched on it's back.

The majestic stag had silver antlers with a robin red-breast perched on the tip.


On the underside of the sweet £10 figure a small penis and testicles had been added – for extra realism.

Brina uploaded the clip with the comment: "Someone in B&M’s design team having a right giggle."

Fellow TikTokers were quick to comment funny video.

One said: "I mean, it's nature."

Another said: "Why are you even looking in the first place?!"

While a third seemed to miss the key point, and said: "At first I was like aww it's cute but I don't think it's worth £10."

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