Bride mercilessly mocked for having the ‘worst tattoo ever’ as she shows off giant emojis on her boobs

WE ALL have a preferred style when it comes to what we want to wear on our wedding day, and with so many options and factors to consider, choosing the right one could take some time.

One bride decided on a simple strapless gown as many woman do, and snaps of her wearing it have since gone viral online – but for all the wrong reasons.

You see, the strapless design means her décolletage is exposed and with that so too is her very large bright yellow tattoo which covers her chest area.

But it's not just any tattoo, it appears to be two yellow-faced emojis – one above each of her boobs – and it's caused quite the discussion online.

What's more, the two not so discrete emoji-style etchings are joined by an inked strap which goes over each shoulder.

The unusual body art design makes it look as if she's wearing a "smiley face bra", according to some people, and Facebook users are not ok with it.

Snaps were posted anonymously on Facebook where people took aim at the look.

Many were intrigued and were desperate to know what the entire tattoo looked like.

One wrote: "I'm not sure I've ever wanted to see a girl topless more for completely non-sexual reasons."

Another added: "I need to see the entire tattoo! Like, is her entire boob just a yellow smiley face?"

Whoever tattooed her needs to never ever ever ever ever ever be allowed to work again, ever.

A third commented: "Honestly I would just like to know what the whole tattoo is."

But other were left scratching their head.

One slammed: "Whoever tattooed her needs to never ever ever ever ever ever be allowed to work again, ever."

And another questioned: "Why? I have so many questions.

"Who goes to the tattoo shop and says 'Can I get a smiley face bra on my boobs?'"

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