Cleaning fan shares how to reach even the tightest spaces using a simple kitchen utensil

CLEANING HACK shows you how to clean out all those hard to reach places, using simple utensils – in a new way.

One woman reveals how to quickly and easily clean out tight spots such as behind the cooker or between the tiles.

Sharing her post on her TikTok platform under the domain @skylar_toth , one woman demonstrates how you can use a knife, kitchen paper and cleaning spray to clean those tight spots.

Captioning the post "Have you tried this Sklar goes through a step by step of how she uses the items.

"If you guys are new here, this is one of my favourite hacks to clean hard to reach crevices at home" Skylar explains.

Adding: "Just put a butter knife inside of a paper towel and spray it down with an all-purpose cleaner."

Skylar demonstrates how she uses this innovative cleaning tool in the kitchen and the bathroom for cleaning.

"I like to use this on the side of my stove, and any small crevices like the inside of my sink and the vents of my stove," she said.

"Be creative and use for any small areas in your home, you'll be surprised how dirty areas like this can get" added, Skylar.

In the comments section of her post, which has over 55 K views, people were delighted to learn the new cleaning hack.

"How in the heck did I get so old and not figure this out myself" one person commented.

Another said: "This is such a neat hack, def trying this."

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