Dianas choker she wore with revenge dress is in league of its own

Princess Diana STUNS in iconic 'revenge' dress

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Diana, the former Princess of Wales paired her infamous “revenge dress” with a jaw-dropping piece of custom jewellery back in 1994. How much did it cost?

Much has been made of Princess Diana’s “revenge dress” over the years, perhaps the standout piece of her lifetime.

During Diana’s lifetime, her fashion choices and sense of style captivated and inspired millions around the world as a breath of fresh air.

This was in the context of the Royal Family at the time which was associated with horseriding, country walks and little glamour.

The daring revenge dress was a sleek black, figure-hugging off-the-shoulder look by Christina Stambolian.

Diana had bought it months earlier but been reluctant to wear it as the Princess worried it could be too revealing.

However, her then-husband Prince Charles, as he was known then, admitted to adultery with Camilla Parker Bowles live on television in 1994.

Therefore, Diana decided to pull this dress out on that same day so she would be all over the front pages of the newspapers the following day, instead of the current King’s highly anticipated interview.

What else did Diana wear with the iconic Christina Stambolian dress?

There was another key part of the outfit Princess Diana wore to that dinner at the Serpentine Gallery in 1994 which is much less discussed.

That was the eye-catching pearl choker necklace she paired with the dress.

It was actually a necklace that Diana herself had custom-made.

Prior to Diana using it the central sapphire within the necklace, thought to be around 70 carats, had actually been a brooch belonging to the Queen Mother.

This was gifted to the then-Princess of Wales on her wedding day in 1981.

The jewel was talked about in ‘The Royal Jewels’ by fashion historian Suzy Menkes.

She explained: “The Queen Mother’s wedding present to Diana was a duck egg of a sapphire, surrounded by a double row of diamonds and mounted as a brooch.”

Diana actually wore the brooch several times, including in 1982 at a BFI dinner at 11 Downing Street.

However, the Princess wasn’t a huge fan of brooches and decided to redesign the jewellery. She had her wedding gift brooch turned into a seven-strand pearl choker necklace to demonstrate the collapse of her marriage.

Combining both the size of the stone with Diana’s legacy and the context of the jewellery being a part of one of her most iconic moments, the necklace would now be worth as much as £100million.

Leading diamond expert, Maxwell Stone, said: “Princess Diana was a clear fan of sapphires, however, this stone is in a league of its own. Looking at images of the huge stone, it looks as though it’s around 70 carats, maybe even more.

“With that in mind, it could be worth up to £100million if sold today. This is probably one of the most expensive jewels from the entire royal collection.”

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