Everyone thought I was 20 until I decided to stop dying my hair – they were stunned to discover my real age

A WOMAN has given up on hair dye and is embracing her natural beauty as she documents her hair transformation online.

People are intrigued by her gray hair growing in and are stunned to find out she’s much older than she appears.

The woman, who named herself Slowly Silver on TikTok, has been growing out her dyed hair to show off her naturally gorgeous silver locks for at least a year.

In a video posted to her account, she compiled footage of her hair from each month in 2021 to show her progress.

With each video, there is noticeably less brown in her hair and more and more gray – and people are fascinated.

“Girl how you literally look in your 20s!!” one shocked viewer commented. 

“I hope to look as beautiful as you when I get older!” another complimented.

And in response to a user telling her she’s “so hot,” the woman said: “Not something I ever hear at my age!”

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So, how old is she?

In January 2021, she revealed that she is 51 years old, which means she is 52 at the time of this writing or about to turn 52.

She also admitted she was a bit nervous to embrace her natural hair, but being in lockdown made it a bit easier.

The thousands of supportive comments she has garnered throughout the videos documenting her hair transformation journey have surely helped, too.

In a comment under her video documenting her 12-month progress, she wrote: “This is a lot of attention. 

“I like a little attention, but I could never imagine this. 

“I can’t process numbers this large! 

“Thank you!”

The TikToker also received several comments about her youthful-looking skin, which she attributed to skincare.

In the biography of her TikTok account, she linked to some of her favorite products she uses on her skin, which include Eucrin 30 SPF sunscreen, La Roche Posay Pigmentclar Brightening Deep Cleanser, the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex Serum, and the SkinMedica Age Defense Retinol Complex.

For haircare, she claimed to use a Cherry Almond Softening Leave-In Conditioner from Aveda, a smoothing shampoo and hair mask from Aveda, Revlon’s One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush, MATRIX’s Total Results Brass Off Color Depositing Blue Shampoo, and the Neutrogena Anti-Residue Gentle Clarifying Shampoo.

And for those hoping to maintain healthy-looking skin and hair like the woman, there are several tips and tricks out there to do so. 

For instance, one haircare guru revealed how much people should actually be brushing their hair per day, while another shared how to brush hair properly to prevent damage.

On the skincare side of things, a TikToking dermatologist shared how he wants his clients to be layering their skincare and even recommended some ingredients to look for.

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