Furious neighbour calls the police over woman’s ‘inappropriate’ denim shorts outfit

A FURIOUS neighbour called the police over a woman’s denim shorts outfit, slamming it as “inappropriate”.

The angry woman stormed over to TikTok user Rovi Wade, who had been filming a video with her housemate outside of their LA home. 

Rovi was wearing ripped denim booty shorts, paired with a sparkly silver crop top, a spiked choker and black knee-high boots. 

After being insulted by the furious neighbour, Rovi “politely” told the woman that she had “every right to be there” and it was public property. 

The confrontation ended in the neighbour threatening to call the police, with Rovi revealing she “didn’t believe” the threat.

However, not long after, the police arrived and Rovi took out her phone to record their interaction and later shared it on her TikTok account.

She told the officer: “I am fully dressed, she just doesn’t like my style.

“And I told her, ‘My body offends you. That’s what the issue is.’

“And I’m allowed to exist and be hot, and I’m going to continue to do so.

“I don’t know what she expects you to do.”

The police officer can be heard in the background saying: “I understand.”

Her video had the caption: “Yesterday my neighbour called the cops on me for dressing ‘inappropriately’,” and has been viewed almost 12 million times since it was shared on Saturday.

Response to the video came in thick and fast, with many commending Rovi for standing up for herself.

One person suggested: “Her husband was probably checking you out and she got upset.”

Another added: “What she expect the cops to do? ‘Dress code’ you? This isn’t school.”

A third scoffed: “We need to normalise letting people wear whatever they want.”

Others commended Rovi’s response, declaring “I’m allowed to exist and be hot” was the perfect thing to say in the “bizarre” situation.

Rovi later posted an “outfit reveal” video to show exactly what her neighbour thought was “inappropriate”, prompting another round of support from people who said there was “nothing wrong” with what she was wearing.

After her video blew up, Rovi shared more details with followers about the incident.

She revealed the neighbour had claimed to police she was filming on her property without a permit.

She said: “I just asked him to relay the message to my neighbour that I was going to continue to do what I want because I didn’t break any laws and I was well within my rights.”

She’s since shared a new video revealing the “amazing footage” she had filmed amid the row with her neighbour. 

The finished video showed her walking down a palm tree lined street dancing and singing along to the song Raising Hell by Kesha.

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