H&M to give free 24-hour suit hire to help people who have job interviews

H&M has launched a new initiative offering 24-hour free suit hire to help people who have job interviews.

The high-street giant’s ONE/SECOND/SUIT service aims to help job-seekers make a good first impression without breaking the bank.

Customers are able to borrow a single-breasted navy jacket, matching trousers and tie, as well as white shirt and red pocket handkerchief, without charge.

After reserving the suit online, it will be delivered to the customer free-of-charge in a garment bag.

Once the interview is complete, the customer simply returns the suit to the store where it will be dry-cleaned ready for the next hopeful.  

Late returns will incur a charge of £50 which will be donated to charity, and any major damage will require to foot the cost of the suit at £116.94.

H&M wants to insure that all of its customers have the opportunity to make the best possible first impression.

The campaign states: “A suit isn’t an outfit. It’s confidence. A signal to the world and a reminder to yourself you’ve got what it takes.

“Book the suit. We deliver it. You smash the interview. You return the suit. All free. Job done.”

H&M’s confidence hacks

1. Be early. Give yourself the time you need to arrive calm, collected and at your best.

2. Interviewing online? Test out your mic. Your camera. Check your background gives the right impression.

3. Know your interviewer's name. Use it. And remember to look them in the eye.

4. Have an opinion. No one's expecting you to have all the answers. But they will want to know what you think about the job,
the company and the industry.

5. Really want this job? Say so. Being direct is a sign you know what you want in life.

Sara Spännar, head of marketing and communications at H&M, told The Independent: “Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience, but we believe nothing should hold you back, least of all what you wear.

“The ONE/SECOND/SUIT is ready-to-wear confidence. 

“A signal to the world and a reminder to yourself that you’ve got what it takes.”

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