I bought a massive Kim Kardashian Skims haul as I’m obsessed with their T shirts but don’t be tricked by the playsuits | The Sun

A FASHION fan has shared her massive Skims haul and there are some major must-have items, but not everything was a win.

Kristi Howard showed off everything she bought from Kim Kardashian's viral brand on TikTok in an 'honest review'.

She started off by trying on a grey playsuit, but it didn't live up to the hype for Kristi who was left feeling like it put a bit too much on show.

"I literally have no sex appeal in this," she joked before adding that it is actually pretty comfortable, but still very revealing in all the wrong places.

Kristi tried on the Skims T shirts next, even though they were out of stock in her usual size she decided to size up because she's such a fan.

"This one is like two sizes too big for me but I wanted it so bad," she said.


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the fashionista grabbed the same T shirt, in the right size, in a chic beige colour as well.

but the faux leather leggings were a real win for Kristi who was obsessed with the more edgy Skims look.

The flared leggings are also available in grey and brown, but Krisiti bagged them in black for £98.

She thought they were worth every penny though, especially when paired with the matching faux leather corset or bodysuit.

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"I will say for leather these are weirdly comfortable, just a little big," she said.

She grabbed the same bodysuit in brown too, which looked stunning paired with jeans for a more casual look.

"I thought this was going to be the ugliest thing but it's my favourite.

"It's just leather so it looks sophisticated," the fashion fan added.

She captioned the video: "It's always hit or miss for me but when something works I usually love it."

Viewers agreed with her picks too and couldn't wait to place their own order.

"Kristi girl the leather pants are made for you," one person raved.

A second said: "The jeans and the leather! I loved that outfit on you."

"The leather ones all look so good on you," another agreed.

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