I clean for 5 hours a day – my family are banned from using the shower, I iron sheets daily & buff the mirror 50 times

A CLEANING obsessive who spends five hours a day cleaning admits to banning her family from using the shower in her London pad in a bid to keep it spotless.

What's more, Krystal – who appeared on Channel 4's Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners in 2016 – irons her bed sheets every single day and buffs her mirror at least 50 times to ensure it's completely smudge-free.

It's safe to say Krystal is obsessed with cleaning her home and makes a start at 5am each day.

In the TV segment, Krystal, who was 30 at the time, reveals she hoovers and polishes her shower daily, despite it never actually being used.

"This shower, we don't use it. It's for display purposes only,"she says, while vigorously polishing the glass

What's more, to ensure she does a good job, Krystal says she "times the cleans" and won't stop until it's all done.

"When I clean I have to time the cleans. It's like a military operation. I need to get it done," she admits.

But when will she be satisfied? well, when it smells good enough to eat, apparently, with the Aussie mum admitting "smell is very important".

Admitting there's always something to do when it comes to cleaning her two-bedroom pad, the cleaning fanatic says she's polishing her mirror splash-backs at least 50 times a day.

And while most of us get a way with changing our bed sheets weekly (ahem, or monthly) for Krystal it's a daily job.

But washing them every day simply isn't satisfying enough for Krystal who will also iron her bed sheets after taking them out of the tumble dryer.

"Once I take them out of the dryer they're still a little bit crinkly," she says. "I think everyone should iron their sheets."

Krystal's cleaning obsession has even impacted her relationship as she admits it's getting in the way of her wedding planning.

The Aussie mum had an eight-month old son at the time, but says she spends so much time cleaning she doesn't have quality time with her partner.

She says: "I feel like if anyone is neglected it would be my partner. I'd like to get married but if i'm constantly choosing cleaning over spending time with somebody, why would they want to marry me? "

The TV segment has since been shared on YouTube, and also on TikTok, with many viewers shocked by Krystal's obsessive ways.

"The poor baby is never going to develop a immune system, never being exposed to germs," one person said.

And another admitted: "She keeps a shower for display??? One of the most weirdest thing I've ever heard."

"She keeps a shower for display??? One of the most weirdest thing I've ever heard," said a third.

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