I did a full face of make-up in labour – I have a high pain tolerance and wanted to look my best

A MAKEUP ARTIST has gone viral after applying a full face of makeup in the midst of labour, claiming she has a high pain threshold. 

TikTok content creator @RoxyPinkDoll has gone viral after sharing a short clip of her happily applying makeup in the middle of active labour. 

The video, captioned ‘When your in labor and your [sic] a Make Up Artist at the same time’, left viewers stunned and confused. 

TikTok users couldn’t get over how the pregnant TikTok content creator was able to focus on doing her makeup while in such bad pain.

In the comments, the pregnant makeup artist explained that: “I have high tolerance in pain so I can still manage to do makeup while there’s contraction”. 

Many TikTok users couldn’t understand how the mum-to-be was coping with the pain so calmly, with many users asking whether she had an epidural. 

One user asked: “I’m assuming you had an epidural????”

Other users couldn’t believe that the pregnant makeup artist had the energy to apply her makeup. 

One user commented: “Wow I don’t have energy or time for nothing lol”. 

While another user praised the pregnant makeup artist and said: “Yay, it’s your time to shine mama! We are all thinking of you! Sending good vibes for you and baby!”.

When asked why she wanted to wear makeup in labour, the content creator explained that: “I need to be pretty for my baby”. 

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