I grew up on a council estate and now I’m earning a six-figure sum – here’s how you can do the same

A SUCCESSFUL member of Marks and Spencer's board has revealed how she went from a council estate to earning a six-figure salary – and you can too. 

Sharry Cramond grew up in a ‘low income’ household in Scotland, with no business role models, Femail reported.

Despite her humble beginnings, the mum-of-two says anyone can be successful in life, no matter their background, as long as they work hard. 

She said: “I have always been fascinated about what makes one person successful and one person not, and it’s not always the smartest that get on necessarily.”

Sharry, who’s worked with Simon Cowell, Tom Daley, Ant and Dec, Rochelle Humes and Amanda Holden, started off her career at Tesco’s. 

The author immersed herself in successful people’s autobiographies when she was younger, and slowly worked her way up, saying if she can do it “anyone can”. 

Now Sharry is Marks and Spencer's marketing director, and lives in Hertfordshire with her husband, David, and her two kids, Charlies, 13, and Daisy, 11. 

As part of her job Sharry has travelled all over the world, including Florida and Australia, and claims some people have branded her ‘lucky’. 

But she states that she spells lucky as ‘hard work’, saying: “Everyone wants a big house, car, and fancy holidays, but everyone also wants to lay in bed or watch TV/spend hours on social media.”

Sharry says nothing in life is ‘handed to you on a plate’, as she shared eight tips to achieve success, which appear in her new self-help book, Win Your Lottery.

Sharry’s top tips for success

  • Write down your goals and visualise them 
  • Self-discipline 
  • Back your decisions 
  • Work with the best people 
  • It's nice to be nice 
  • Always go the extra mile 
  • Think positive thoughts only
  • Keep your body health 

In it she explains staying healthy, thinking positive thoughts, exercising self-discipline, being nice and going the extra mile are key traits. 

She added that writing down your goals – and visualising them – are also important, as is backing your own decisions and working with the best people. 

Sharry advised: “ Don’t have dreams, have goals, and step by step plans to achieve your goals, and then commit to doing whatever is necessary."

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