I spent $1k on Kim Kardashian’s used clothes – I was scared my boobs would pop out in the corset | The Sun

A KARDASHIAN fan has spent nearly $1,000 to raid Kim's closet, anticipating a high-glam couture haul.

Trying her purchases on was anything but: they left her feeling like a "superhero" in a diaper.

YouTube personality Blair Walnuts is very familiar with Kylie Jenner's clothing since she's bought a few used items from the Kardashian Kloset website.

Recently, Blair decided to mix things up and take some of Kim's wardrobe pieces out for a spin.

"At this point, I am keeping these ladies in business," she joked in her video review. "I really want to put together a whole outfit."

She added that the clothes weren't "necessarily good deals," but she still spent nearly $1,000 on Kim Kardashian's used clothes.


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Blair spent the most on a cheetah-print LaQuan Smith bodysuit, which normally retails for $920.

She spent $430 on the used bodysuit.

She also bought a pair of crochet, unbranded shorts for $135 and a Judith Leiber belt for an undisclosed amount.

Online commenters on TikTok had told Blair that the bodysuit looked like something from a thrift store, but she defended the piece.

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"I think it's really cool and designer," she insisted. "Trying on the one-piece validated her opinion, but the bodysuit wasn't exactly comfortable."

"It was giving me a wedgie level 9,000," Blair confessed. The influencer was also dissatisfied with the shoulder straps.

"I also wish the straps were adjustable so I didn't have to pull my boobs out every two seconds," she said. "They do tend to fall down."

Next, Blair tried on the crocheted shorts, which she compared to a diaper.

"They look like they're going to give me the biggest wedgie," she worried. While she tugged them on, she questioned where the shorts were intended to be worn.

"I realize I picked two very different fashion categories," she added, wondering if the shorts were meant as a beach cover-up.

While they didn't quite "mesh" with the bodysuit, the shorts were a unique and stylish addition to Blair's wardrobe, even though they gave her "pancake butt."

Finally, Blair added the vintage belt, which included a small cameo of the goddess Aphrodite.

Blair loved the belt, and it even looked good when she jokingly styled it as a headband.

Once the entire ensemble was on, Blair concluded that the pieces didn't work together.

"I look like a superhero when I put this on," she laughed.

"I think the coloring of everything I chose in this haul goes together," she continued, "but I don't think the vibes and the fashion of the things go together."

But, she clarified: "I don't think these pieces are bad individually."

Even though Blair doesn't plan to wear the entire ensemble again, she'll definitely style the pieces with other existing items from her wardrobe.

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