I was sure my man was cheating when I saw what was in his bin… he was mortified when he realised his awkward blunder

WHEN MacKenzie Lynn Smith spotted a sanitary towel wrapper in her fiance's bathroom bin, her heart dropped.

Naturally, the bride-to-be immediately thought the worst – and went to confront her partner Jake about his suspected infidelity.

Filming his response in a viral TikTok video, MacKenzie started by zooming in on the "proof" she'd found.

"So I'm going to the bathroom at my fiance's house and I look over and see THIS," MacKenzie said. "Now that's all fine and good – beside the fact that I don't wear pads and I don't know anyone that's been over here."

The TikTok star – who boasts over 2.1m followers – then went out into the living room and asked Jake to explain himself.

After he asks what a pad wrapper even is, MacKenzie leads him to the scene of the crime and tell him it "doesn't make sense".

"That's [the wrapper for] my shoe thing," he immediately replied. "You know, the thing you put in your shoes."

Understandably confused, MacKenzie initially assumes Jake was lying – until he then grabs a pair of trainers with a sanitary towel inside.

"See look," he said as he showed off what he thought were insoles.

When asked about where he'd got them from, Jake replied: "My feet were hurting. I don't know!"

Once he realised his awkward blunder, JAke then binned his "insoles" and stormed off – leaving over 1.2m viewers in hysterics.

"This is too cute and funny," one replied. "'What's a pad wrapper?!'"

Another joked: "You ruined his shoe thing!!"

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "This has to be a joke… there's no way!"

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