I went to Costco – it was like Primark for food, I had to have some serious self-control but some buys were irresistible | The Sun

A FOODIE went shopping in Costo for the very first time and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw what she could buy. 

In fact, the savvy shopper even described the wholesale store as a “Primark for food”, as she said there was so much she couldn’t resist putting into her trolley. 

TikTok’s @vickaboox recorded her first Costo experience as she took her followers on an item by item tour of the shop. 

And while @vickaboox, who has amassed over 798k followers on the social media platform, managed not to buy everything she wanted, there were some offers that she thought were too good to be true. 

At the top of the video, she explained: “Today I really had to learn the art of self-control as I went to Costco for the first time.

“God, it’s like Primark, but food ain’t it?! You can’t say no!” 

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First up, she headed to the bakery section, showing a range of their delicious bakes, from huge red velvet cakes to Victoria sponges and profiteroles. 

She also showed off some of their most popular items, including nutella filled donuts and cake pops.

She said: “Look at the size of those cakes!

“I had to convince myself not to be celebrating my birthday 247 days early.”

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Instead the social media user went for a packet of croissants for, as well as a multi-pack selection of their store baked cookies, which cost £5.99.

@vickaboox continued: “I got a 12 pack of croissants for the kids.

“There’s 4 of them, so 3 each. It makes sense.

“And then I got some cookies – no justified reason, it’s just their cookies!”

Other items she couldn’t say no to putting in her basket included some of their pre-made ready meals.

There's an extensive choice, from sushi to tacos.

But it was the carbonara that caught her eyes, as she said the large dish that cost £8.99 “could easily serve about 4 people.”

She then quipped: “But it will be serving just one – one being me. 

“And I also got a lasagne for everyone else so they don’t eat my carbonara. It's a simple strategy.”

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Her final bill also included a giant pack of Babybel that she said was “the size of her head”, some mozzarella dippers that had been recommended to her and some Reese’s Pieces Dipped Pretzels. 

Meanwhile, she went wild in the sweet department when she spotted a 36-pack of Kinder Chocolate bars for £4.06, and a giant pack of M&M’s and said they were no-brainer purchases. 

She went on to say: “I also convinced myself that a 60 pack of crisps was a bargain.

“Don’t know how quickly we’re going to eat a 60 pack of crisps, but I’ve bought them now so quavers for dinner,” she joked. 

But @vickaboox discovered that Costco was also a great place to stock up on kitchen cupboard goods.

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Entering another aisle, she explained: “Honey is something we always run out of at home so I did get a big one.

“I think it was £5.99 or something.”

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