I'm 25 and my boyfriend is 50 – people mistake him for my dad but I don’t care, he’s my soul-mate | The Sun

WHEN you're in a happy and healthy relationship, it's only natural to want to post cute photos of your other half all over social media – right?

Well for the past three years, 25-year-old Samantha Stinchcombe has been totally loved up with her chef boyfriend Billy Hughes.

But every time she shares a picture or video with her older man, the brand manager never knows if she's going to get creepy DMs from guys mistaking her for a "sugarbaby".

The Baltimore-based couple – who have a 25 year age gap – first met in 2019 when Samantha's friend set her up with some shifts at Billy's restaurant.

Samantha explained: "Billy was away for the first month I worked there, but when he came back and we met we instantly clicked.

“I never really felt bothered by the age gap. If anything, it’s pretty on brand for me as a person– I don’t live a typical life."

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After Covid scuppered her plans to move to Australia, Samantha and Billy's relationship only became more serious – but they hate having to deal with other people's judgement.

Since getting together officially in 2020, Sam says she's been inundated with messages from men "promising to treat her well".

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What's more, the pair even received one comment from a female sugar baby asking for attention from Billy.

However, the pair now want to share their story in the hopes that it'll combat some of the stigma they face in everyday life.

She explained: "We are two passionate, creative, adventurous souls who found each other in this life.

"We’ve both experienced a lot in our lives and love experiencing new things together. We love travel, spectacular food, and one-of-a-kind living.

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"Billy just loves me so much and supports me in so many ways that the age barely even crosses my mind anymore."

Describing how he's "mentally younger" than his age, Billy said: "As far as negativity from others, that’s their business. I try to mind my own business and not to worry what others have to say."

When they're out in public together, Samantha says there have been times where people have mistaken her boyfriend for her father.

She continued: "The age gap is sometimes a scapegoat for people that don’t actually know us at all to look down on our relationship.

“They just notice the gap and write us off completely, without knowing the depth of our actual connection.

The age gap is sometimes a scapegoat for people that don’t actually know us at all to look down on our relationship

“Our main problem has just been judgement from others but once we realized it’s their insecurities and that they know nothing about us, we realized their judgement just didn’t matter.

“Sometimes a bartender will call him my father or something, but we just laugh that off.

“The most difficult, but rewarding, obstacle for us is that we work together so that can be a treacherous situation.

“It’s sometimes hard to separate the relationship from the business, but it’s something we have to do.

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“I’m most proud of the work we’ve put into ourselves as individuals and as a couple. We’re both in therapy on our own and see a couples counsellor as well. We eat healthy, train at the gym together, and go for long walks around the neighbourhood often.

“This is the happiest, healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in. We are both coming to the table as whole individuals that know our worth and how we want to be loved."

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