I'm 25 and my man is 70 – my family were horrified he was as old as my dad, but we don't care, we're happily married

A COUPLE with a 45 year age gap have revealed they don't care what others say, despite the man being as old as the wife's dad.

They say true love has no age – and this couple, from Canada, has certainly looked past it, with more than 40 years between them.

Appearing on Love Don't Judge,Stephanie, 25, shared the love story between her and her man, Don, who is 70.

''I loved him, like, the second I saw his face,'' she recalled the moment the two met five years ago at the pub she was working at the time.

''I just decided he's so handsome and he was charming and super flirty.

''Every time he came in, I was just so happy.''

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And it wasn't long before romance blossomed between Stephanie and Don.

But with a 45 year age gap, the news that they were now dating came to as a shock to many, especially those closest to the woman who was 20 at the time.

''My mum was not a fan at all, my dad was not a fan, my brother was absolutely not a fan as well.

''They thought I was making a mistake, I got myself into a situation.''

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Sharing her thoughts, Stephanie's mum said: ''I felt that Stephanie was losing out on a chance to meet somebody that she could grow old with.

''Because she was with somebody who was already old.

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''The unfortunate thing is that […] her time with Don would be limited.''

''People always told me 'He's gaslighting you […], you need to get help and get out','' the now mum-of-one remembered being advised.

However, the couple chose to not listen to what everyone was saying – they've settled down and even have a two-year-old son, Lachlan.

''If anything, getting married and having Lachlan has made me feel much more fulfilled.

''To be honest, I think I made the best decision possible that I could have made.''

Speaking to the camera, Don revealed that he would often be mistaken to be Lachlan's grandfather – but he no longer cares and doesn't correct them either.

Everybody seems to say I am in this for a life insurance check and I'm a gold digger.''

But whilst Stephanie and her partner don't really pay attention anymore to what others say or how they look at them – especially when out and about with their son – there will be the odd time Stephanie hits back.

''Sometimes I like to call them out on it, and I'm like 'Like did you have a question? I noticed you've been staring at me for 25 minutes'.

''And they never do, they never say anything.''

The type of relationship between the two has also meant the husband and wife duo have also been subjected to a number of stereotypes, with the most common one being Stephanie chasing Don's money.

''Everybody seems to say I am in this for a life insurance check and I'm a gold digger.''

To clear any confusion and assumptions, she said: ''We live in a house that my dad gave me and I have a job, like I work full time.''

With Don now in his 70s, there is also another thing to be concerned about, not just judgement.

''Not all but a lot of my beer drinking buddies around my age just passing away; a couple or three this year.''

''I told him I said 'Don't you dare die in your sleep. Or I'd be so mad.'

However, despite what feels like everything going against their relationship, the two are on a mission to prove that love knows no boundaries.

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''We choose, I guess, not to hide the relationship – because why would you hide yours?

''Why would anybody hide their relationship?''

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