I’m a jeweller and I was stunned when a male client used his girlfriend’s credit card to buy his mistress a gift

A JEWELLERY business owner was left stunned when a woman claimed her boyfriend used her credit card to buy his mistress a gift from her company.

The owner of DBL Jewelry posted a video on TikTok showing how the woman got in touch when she saw the unusual necklace order on her card statement. 

The entrepreneur wrote on the @dbljewelry account: “Guys I just received an email from a customer.

“Her BF used her credit card to buy these necklaces.”

In the video, she showed a number of jewellery pieces with the word “Diamond” on them. 

The TikTok user continued: “But her name is Ashley. He didn’t realise she got the confirmation email.

“He also got an anklet with his initial on it.

“They are being shipped to his house.”

In order to help out the woman, the business owner claims she refunded Ashley and added her name to the back of the necklace so the boyfriend would realise he got caught out. 

She added in a follow-up video: “The best way to break up with him.”

The video has racked up over 1.4million likes, and people supported her actions. 

One said: “You’re so sweet for doing this. Hope she is okay.”

Another added: “Real queen energy.”

However, a sceptical person wrote: “Clever marketing but I don’t believe it.”

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