I'm a mum and 'wild parent' my kids, it makes them happier and healthier and we’re closer because of it | The Sun

NO MATTER how you raise your kids, there will always be someone who reckons you're doing it all wrong.

This mum decided that she wanted to raise hers a little differently, and has used a 'wild parenting' style for years.

Sarah, who posts under @sarahwildmothering on TikTok,explained why her parenting style works so well, revealing that she actually makes a lot of sacrifices to live how she does.

She explained how other parents can raise their own kids in the same style she does, which involves growing food from scratch and visiting farmers markets, rather than big supermarkets.

she said: "This provides children an invaluable learning experience and creates a beautiful farm to table connection, which is incredible for our overall health."

For a lot of busy parents, the only thing that will keep their tot occupied during meal times is to plonk an iPad in front of them, but for Sarah meal time should always be tech-free.

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She makes sure her family "eat at least one meal together daily," and you can bet there wont be a single phone or iPad in sight.

"This creates a beautiful time set aside to bond and a casual, comfortable environment for children to talk about whatever they decide," she explained.

And while keeping your kids entertained might feel like a full-time job, Sarah revealed that giving little ones space to do their own thing is important too.

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The mum explained that since she keeps colouring books, toys and art set up at all times there's no need to pressure them to play.

"Throughout they day our children will often take themselves off to engage in something they enjoy," she said.

In one clip, she said that other parents often tell her that being a stay at home mum is a privilege, but for her it's a choice since she sacrifices a lot to be with her kids everyday.

She shared why teaching them from the comfort their home is vital for her family, explaining that being at home and mixing with people of all ages makes a massive difference.

And when it comes to clean up after a full day of home schooling and growing their own food, the kids are always there to help out.

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"Children thrive when given responsibilities," Sarah said, adding that parents should always make chores "age appropriate and hold no expectations of the outcome."

Whether they actually do the task well or not isn't the point, "It's all about building confidence and leading by example," she said.

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