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ALTHOUGH you might already have your Christmas tree up and decorated, it's never too late to make it look even better.

In fact, according to this professional tree decorator there are just three tricks that make your tree look instantly more expensive.

Amanda Ware, 43, from Bentonville, Arkansas, knows all there is to know about decorating Christmas trees.

She even quit her job as teacher five years ago and now decorates a minimum of 100 Christmas trees each year.

The mum-of-two told Newsweek: "The magic truly begins whenever people put their Christmas décor up.

"I am in the business of making people merry."


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But that doesn't mean there aren't a few rules to stick to when decorating Christmas trees.

Avoid tinsel

According to the pro you should avoid using tinsel on your Christmas tree.

Lots of people ditch tinsel because they think it looks cheap or tacky, but Amanda thinks it's just too messy.

Instead, she likes to use ribbon.

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"I cut it into strips and never wrap it around the tree horizontally as I think this makes it look cheap," she explained.

The pro likes to add ribbon to the top of the tree and let it spiral down in strips for a more expensive look.

Use big ornaments

Although it depends on the size of your tree, Amanda goes for a mix of big and small baubles on the Christmas tree's she decorates.

She also suggested spreading your favourite ornaments in a diamond or triangle shape on the tree.

It's tempting to put all the best decorations eye-level on the front of the tree.

But spreading them out will make the entire tree look good from any angle.

Fluff your tree

The first and most important step when putting up your free is fluffing it, according to the pro.

She explained: "Forgetting to fluff the tree and leaving holes is a common mistake but it's an easy fix."

Taking the time to make sure your Christmas tree's branches are properly spread out will make it look loads more expensive.

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Not only that, but your decorations will hang from the branches better if there are fewer gaps.

This is especially important if your tree isn't very full to begin with!

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