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AN INTERIOR design expert has shared “vital” information on which colours homeowners should avoid painting their homes when looking to sell – and that it’s best to “stick to the basics.” 

According to one expert, there are certain colours to avoid when looking to paint, including bright colours and dark shades.

Ryan McDonough, interior design expert at MyJobQuote, said that selling you home is a “big job” and it can get “even more confusing” to know what décor would “devalue your space.” 

He continues: “It’s important to consider the long-term, and not just read up on all the latest colour and decor trends.

“It’s vital you stick to the basics when decorating to sell, or you could make the already long process of getting your house off the market even longer.

“Although greens are on the ‘go’ list when it comes to decor, not all greens work.”


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The expert said to opt for a lighter colour, and avoid dark and mid greens as they can make a home feel dark and cramped.

Ryan added: “Alternatively, make use of foliage and houseplants to give your home that pop of green without going too crazy.

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“Black shades can look sleek and modern when done right, but they can easily take a turn for the worse.”

The interior expert said homeowners should avoid using too much black around the home.

Ryan said: “It can darken the space and make it look smaller.

“If you’re set on going for a feature black focal point, ensure it’s pure black and not off-black or grey, as they can look dull and unappealing.

Black shades can look sleek and modern when done right, but they can easily take a turn for the worse

“Muddy, dark brown shades can also be a huge turn off, creating a dark, dingy feel.”

Bright yellows and neon colours should also be avoided as they can appear tacky around the home, and require a certain taste in design.

Ryan continued: “If you’re looking to brighten your space, stick to neutral tones such as whites, off-whites and beige.

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Bathrooms and kitchens are often deemed the most important rooms in the home and so homeowners should carefully think about decorating them before other rooms in the home.

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