I’m plus-size & I’m trolled for wearing ‘inappropriate’ outfits to work but I can’t help having a big butt | The Sun

WHEN dressing with a fuller figure, it's easy to feel like you're under a magnifying glass when you're faced with social media's fashion police.

In one such instance, a TikTok user told a plus-sized woman that she shouldn't wear a particular item to work.

Responding to the following TikTok comment, plus-size fashionista Gabbi felt prompted to make a video: "Skirt not appropriate for work."

Gabbi spun around, modeling the long, orange ruched skirt from fashion brand Eloquii that was deemed inappropriate for work.

"Sooo is it my belly, or is it my butt, that makes this skirt inappropriate. Because I don't get it," Gabbi, who practices body positivity, said.

"Wearing skin-tight clothes doesn’t make me less professional," she wrote in her video's caption.

Some viewers immediately came to her defense in the comments section.

"It’s only inappropriate if your work bans serious style," wrote one.

"Girl u look amazing in that skirt!!" a second added.

"Very appropriate! LOVE it!"

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"Neither! Rock it, girl! You look fabulous."

"It’s a cute outfit, tell the wanna-be fashion police to calm down," a final said.

Some people weren't entirely convinced though, leaving the comments section divided.

"Guess it just depends where you work. Maybe not the best for an office," someone said.

Another suggested the outfit would be more appropriate for a different setting: "You look fantastic in it, but it does seem a little work inappropriate. It’s perfect for a date night though!"

"You look awesome. It may be the color? It's unusual for an office, but I like," another critic wrote.

An additional spectator said: "Cute. Prob too form fitting in the back for work," to which Gabbi responded, "So a skin-tight black pencil skirt — like we’ve all been trained to wear — is fine but this is too much? I disagree."

"It’s honestly really cute but I have to agree – too thin/sexy for a work look. Cute for brunch or a date."

A final person wrote: "It’s see-through. It’s tight. It’s not professional whatsoever. With that being said, it’s cute. Just not work appropriate at all."

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