Inside the incredible world of The Queen's pampered corgis – from unusual chef-prepared dinner to own bedrooms

SNAFFLING down a rabbit freshly caught by Prince Harry or Prince William, it’s not their wives or family but the Queen’s corgis. 

The pampered pooches are probably the best-fed pets in Britain with each of their gourmet meals being prepared by the same chef that does Her Majesty’s food.

Each offering sees them given meat, rice and a selection of vegetables to ensure their digestion is perfect.  

Former palace chef Darren McGrady told The Sun: “The animals really do get spoilt. The corgis when I was there even had their own menu

“[There was] chicken, liver, beef, rabbit. Prince William and Harry used to go shooting rabbits in the great park and those rabbits would then be sent to Windsor and we’d have to clean them, draw them and poach them. 

“If beef is on the menu, the beef comes in from the local butcher. Then it’s boiled, no salt, no seasoning, it’s just the plain beef and it’s boiled away until it’s really tender and then it goes into the larder kitchen to cool down.”


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Every meal is prepared with fresh ingredients every single day. 

He added: “There’s always a bowl of rice because sometimes the dogs need a little help and there’s cabbage for the other way. That has to be prepared every day in the same kitchen the Royal Family’s nosh is prepped.

“You’re going to start by cutting it into a brunoise, which is an eighth of an inch die, a really fine dice, but when you’re doing things like rabbit and chicken, you’ve got to make sure you chop it really fine because imagine if there were bones in there that got stuck in the corgi’s throat. The royal chef’s off to the tower, I mean seriously.”

Once footmen delivered the food to the dog bowls, the Queen would stir it all together before putting it down for her canines to enjoy. 

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Mr McGrady also claimed that for a special treat, Her Majesty would also crumble scones on to the carpet during afternoon tea for the pups to enjoy.

While the sweet snack isn’t a usual treat for dogs it went down well with corgi breeder Kevin Dover’s seven pups. 

The 64-year-old, from Ross-on-Wye on Herefordshire, has also met the Queen after the palace decided to breed from one of his dogs. 

He said: “The knowledge that she possessed about the breed and bloodlines, it was like talking to somebody that you meet at the dog shows every week.”

The corgi's luxurious treatment doesn't end there as they are even treated to individual bedrooms and fresh bedding.

A source of comfort

The Sun's Royal Correspondent Matt Wilkinson said: "They have their own bedrooms, their own wicker baskets to sleep. It's also said that they also have fresh sheets to sleep with.

"It's the treatment they have because they have the Queen as their owner. They travel in luxury, they live in castles and palaces, and they also get to often meet very important people."

The Queen's first corgi of her own was Susan, who was given to her when she turned 18 and until this year, all of her other pups have been bred from Susan.

Currently, she owns Muick who was a present from Prince Andrew following the death of her husband Prince Philip.

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The pets have provided a source of comfort during the incredibly difficult grieving period for the monarch.

Mr Wilkinson added: “We know that on the day Prince Phillip died she was actually out with her corgis in the gardens and also after the funeral she was out with the corgis. They are a very important part of her life.”

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