I’ve got bum dysmorphia, I thought mine was curvy but then saw a snap of myself and realised the truth – I'm mortified | The Sun

A WOMAN with bum dysmoprhia was mortified after seeing what her lower half actually looked like from behind.

Body dysmorphia is a phenomenon that affects a growing number of people all across the world – and unfortunately, TikTok user Chloe (@chloe_xandria) is one of them.

The young woman, from Pennsylvania, the US, said she was ''1000 per cent'' convinced she was suffering from this condition.

Chloe took to TikTok to reveal to her almost 505k fans how she came to discover her brain altered the way she saw herself – and it's all because of an innocent snap.

''I think my a** is so much bigger than it is,'' the blonde confessed in the video.

According to Chloe, she and her man had gone out for the evening and she was ''feeling'' herself.

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Oozing with confidence, Chloe then asked her boyfriend to take a few photos of her posing by the window, with her bum facing the camera.

But upon seeing the photographs, the young woman was mortified and realised her booty looked nothing like what she had imagined.

After opening up, there was heaps of support – but amongst kind-hearted viewers were also trolls who deemed it necessary to leave rude comments.

One penned: ''Your a** is small. It's your hips that are big.''

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To this, Chloe uploaded a clip hitting back at the meanie: ''These are the type of comments I need to honestly keep me humble.

''Like, I really do think I look amazing sometimes – and you guys never fail to humble me and let me know that I have the flattest a** in the world.

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''Thank you for your service,'' she chuckled.

Other people flocked to comments to remind Chloe that all body shapes are worthy of love.

''I cannot wrap my head around what would possess someone to comment things like this ????'' a viewer was baffled.

Another agreed, writing: ''you're so beautiful and your positivity is honestly amazing especially when ppl [people] on this app can be so mean.''

''i have the same body as you and i love the confidence it keeps me going,'' someone else thanked Chloe for sharing her story.

''gurl you literally SLAY and you looked so good in those pants,'' a fifth reckoned.

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