Kim Kardashian's party planner on organising Stormi's 4th birthday & says her ultimate client is Meghan Markle

KIM Kardashian’s party planner has revealed she’s got her sights set on hosting a party for Meghan Markle, as she revealed how to throw an A-list party on a budget. 

Party planner to the stars, Mindy Weiss, praised the Kardashian’s as one of the most creative families she’s ever worked with. 

US-based Mindy, who’s worked with Kris, Kim and Kylie, told Fabulous the Kardashian women always have well thought-out ideas for their bashes. 

Mindy, who’s also worked with Ellen DeGeneres and Hailey Baldwin, said: “Nobody gives better parties than the Kardashians, or Ellen. They’re beyond creative.”

Kim Kardashian’s recent 40th birthday bash was a blast from the past for Mindy, who helped put the whole thing together as a surprise. 

Mindy said: “For Kim’s 40th we were able to go back to all her old parties, which actually I did some of them.”

She even planned Kim’s very first birthday party, after meeting Kris 40 years ago in LA – and ended up doing the invitations for her first wedding. 

The extravagant event earlier this year featured memorabilia from Kim’s previous parties – including her first ever car, a white BMW, which she got for her 16th.

“The 40th was all surprise. She knew nothing,” Mindy said. 

The under-wraps party was in stark contrast to Stormi’s first birthday, Stormiworld, which Mindy helped Kylie plan last year.

She said: “She [Kylie] is very involved, in everything. 

“She’s brilliant, brilliant. She’s got a brilliant mind. Oh my god yes.”

Kylie sang Mindy's praises too, saying on Instagram: "I dreamed about this party and then drew it up on paper, room by room. And @mindyweiss really made my vision come to life! Thank you Mindy and the team, this party was magical."

The extravagant bash saw a giant head shaped the tot and even fairground rides, and Mindy revealed she has her sights set on planning the tot’s fourth birthday, as hopefully life will have returned to normal after the coronavirus pandemic. 

She said: “I think we’re going to wait and hopefully do a crazy fourth birthday.”

While the Kardashian parties are legendary, Mindy claims the younger generation get the hosting bug from their mum, who always threw a legendary bashes. 

Mindy recalled: “They were, Kris, were brought up with celebrations. That’s what they remember from when they were little.

“They were brought up with fantastic memories of celebrations. And that is why you always see them celebrating everything, because it’s a wonderful warm feeling for them, it’s familiar. 

“And they’re the closest family I’ve ever worked with.”

If you’re eyeing up a lavish Kardashian-style bash, rather than breaking the bank trying to copy their level of luxury, Mindy advised taking inspiration from their kids’ parties instead. 

She recommended: “If you look at their kids’ parties, they’re easy enough, they always have a theme. And there’s some cute ideas.

“When we’re planning parties, we’re looking to get new ideas too. So sometimes we’ll go on Instagram and see a great idea, and we’ll make it better.

“All their parties have a sense of whimsy, fun. Nothing is too serious. They're always entertaining their guests.

“So think about the guests coming, that’s really important.”

Balloons can be a great way to create an A-list atmosphere without costing too much, as she said: "They make a big splash for not a lot of money."

Before hosting she advised checking your budget thoroughly first, and looking through your cupboards to see what you already have.

She pointed out: “Use what you’ve got at home. You’d be surprised by what you’ve never taken out of your cabinets.”

Mindy revealed the biggest mistake people make is 'jumping in' too quickly and blowing their budget on one area, without leaving enough left over for things like a new outfit – which is essential.

Unless it's a wedding, Mindy says to stick to comfort food, revealing she usually serves "nothing fancy" , with the menus featuring dishes like hotdog on a stick.

While most parties have been put on hold due to coronavirus, Mindy revealed she has her sights set on one particular client in the future – Meghan Markle. 

The mum-of-one, and Prince Harry, relocated to America after stepping back as senior royals earlier this year.

The couple settled in Montecito, California – just over an hour away from Mindy. 

When asked who’s she’s dying to plan a party for, she immediately said: “Meghan Markle. I haven’t met her. 

“Or any of the royals. I’m a huge royal fan. I would love to have any of the royals at my parties.

“She’s very close to me too. I’m hoping to meet them one day. I live about an hour-and-a-half away.”

Mindy, who’s also eyeing up Michelle Obama for one of her guestlists, added she’d throw a simple party for Meghan if she got the chance – with a theme. 

She said she’d plan something: “Simple and refined. Something very chic. That’s how I picture it, and a little playful.

“Maybe a little theme. I’d love the opportunity.”

While the world may be grappling with lockdowns and shutdowns due to the pandemic, it could be the perfect opportunity to plan a huge bash for the future, after Mindy revealed she once took a year-and-a-half to plan a wedding. 

Despite all the planning which goes into her 600-strong events, they're not without their mishaps – with Mindy revealing a wedding cake once fell over. 

 “As we say here, s**t happens. I had a wedding cake fall.”

While she didn’t call it a ‘catastrophe’, she revealed it was the bride's centrepiece.

She said: “She was too into her cake. Like too much time was spent on the cake. And of course it fell, because that’s what would have happened. It was so important to her. 

“But she handled it pretty good and I got another cake there before it was time to cut the cake.”

While the desert disaster was a memorable mishap, Mindy revealed what she hates most about parties is the confetti cannon. 

She admitted: “Usually in the places we’re at, we only have the same night. We’re up till 4 in the morning cleaning up every little bit of confetti, piece of paper. 

“You have to leave every place how you found it, or better. 

“So we’ll stay until it’s perfect. But I try not to do confetti cannons much anymore. I hate the clean-up.”

Sadly there will be a lot of cleaning up to do this year as most people celebrate at home, but Mindy has partnered with Virgin Media to share some top tips for making the most of an online bash.

Firstly she advised (finally) ditching your pyjamas and getting dressed up, just like any other year.

“Get dressed like you would for new years,“ she said.

"Why not. None of us have been dressed for the longest time.

“I’m afraid to put on a pair of jeans. It’s all sweatpants.

"Do get dressed, put some make-up on, you can wear lipstick because you don’t need your mask if you’re at home. 

“The men can brush their hair finally. Really make it a moment.”

If you're hosting a virtual bash, she advised making it fancy dress, or adding a theme such as 80s or disco, can help bring people together.

If you don't fancy kissing your housemates or mum when the clock strikes midnight, Mindy revealed how to do a 'virtual' kiss instead.

She said: “The kiss is so important. You think of new year’s and your new year’s kiss to start the year. I was thinking, how do you do it online. 

Mindy’s online tips

  • Digital scavenger hunt
  • Online dancing
  • Group playlist
  • Fancy dress
  • Virtual kiss
  • Cocktail mixing

"Take a video of a kiss, then send it to people."

Mindy said she even had the “crazy idea” of putting lipstick on a glass, and toast everybody that way.

And needless to say, no party would be complete without alcohol.

Mindy advised giving mixing your own cocktails a go, adding just in case: "Champagne is always a good alternative.”

Party games, including a scavenger hunt, are usually improved after a few glasses, with Mindy saying: “It’s funny to watch people running and going through finding stuff.”

Mindy Weiss has joined forces with Virgin Media to share her top tips for rounding out the year online, to help friends and family stay connected and have a night to remember this New Year’s Eve. Find out more here.

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