Meghan Markle news latest – Prince William & Kate Middleton 'forced to accept broken relationship with Prince Harry'

THE SUSSEXES departure from the Royal Family has played it's part in a very turbulent relationship between Prince William and Harry and now the Cambridges have 'accepted' the 'broken relationship'.

Andrew Neil, former chair of GB News, spoke to Channel 5 documentary, ‘2021: The Queen’s Terrible Year’, revealing that Prince William and Kate are “reconciled” to the “broken” relationship with Harry, reports the Daily Record.

Two years have passed since Meghan and Harry stepped back from royal roles. During that time The Sussexes have participated in multiple interviews, revealing many secrets from within the Royal family.

Andrew revealed to the Channel 5 documentary: “I’m pretty sure from what I’ve been told that Prince William and Kate are reconciled to the fact that this is broken, and it can’t be put together.

“Not in the foreseeable future anyway, and that they need to go their way and William and Kate will go their way.”

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  • Louis Allwood

    Subtle hand gestures revealed all

    MEGHAN Markle's subtle hand gestures reveal her true feelings for the Queen, a royal expert has claimed.

    Despite Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's bombshell two years ago that they were stepping down as senior royals, they continued to attend royal engagements with the Queen – even travelling up to Chester in June 2018 for the opening the Mersey Gateway Bridge.

    Body language expert Judi James commented on this day and Meghan's several subtle hand gestures that revealed her true feelings towards the monarch.

    Judi said: "It was clear from the Queen's congruent and very spontaneous-looking smiles that she was delighted to have her new granddaughter-in-law beside her on this visit.

    "Meghan did appear rather nervous initially though, emerging coyly from the train and using some more tentative gesticulation than usual.

    "Without new husband Prince Harry beside her to touch and hug her, there was a noticeable increase in Meghan's self-comforting self-touch and checking rituals, suggesting she is still quite in awe of her doting grandmother-in-law."

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    What are the claims against Andrew?

    Virginia claims she was trafficked by the sick duo to be abused by Andrew after meeting him at a nightclub in London.

    It is alleged that she was taken back Ghislaine's townhouse were she was forced to have sex with the Royal, who was at the time aged 41.

    Andrew strongly denies all allegations against him – and claims he has no memory of even meeting Virginia.

    He also claims he had no knowledge of any wrongdoing by his pals Maxwell and Epstein.

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    Inside Kate Middleton’s hen do (Continued…)

    The bash took place in London in 2011, shortly before Kate and William’s lavish royal wedding in April.

    Maid of honour Pippa Middleton is said to have organised the private event at a mutual friend’s house.

    The Telegraph claimed the guest list was kept to a minimum, with a source saying: “It was certainly very low-key. 

    “There isn’t such a tradition attached to hen nights as there is to stag parties. It was done privately.

    "Not all of Kate’s friends were there, and she will be catching up with other friends over the coming weeks.”

    Kate's university housemate Olivia Beasdale is said to have attended along with Marlborough school pals Alicia Fox-Pitt and Rose Astor.

    A few years after their encounter, Cheryl gushed about Kate to Closer magazine, saying: “We had this amazing moment. She’s so ordinary! 

    “I mean, obviously she isn’t because she’s a princess, but she’s easy to get along with.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Inside Kate Middleton’s hen do

    The now-Duchess of Cambridge is said to have sung like a pop star and dressed up in a bodysuit impersonating Cheryl Cole during the soiree.

    Cheryl said in her autobiography that she had an unusual interaction with Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert in 2012.

    According to the Mirror, Prince William is said to have told her: “Did you know you’ve got a bit of competition?” 

    Kate is said to have confessed that she performed the star's 2009 hit song at her hen do in a replica racy outfit.

    Cheryl wrote: “Kate confessed that she dressed up as me on her hen night, in a bodysuit and split trousers, and sang Fight For This Love.

    "She even learnt the dance routine and was step-perfect by all accounts, as her sister Pippa and brother James also came over and told me all about it.”

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    Princess Charlotte ‘isn’t allowed’ a best friend at her school

    PRINCESS Charlotte is now in Year 2 at school – but she isn’t allowed to have a best friend there, it has been claimed.

    The young royal started Thomas’s Battersea in 2019 and was dropped off by Kate Middleton, Prince William, and big brother Prince George, who is also a pupil at the school.

    Speaking on Loose Women, Jane Moore shared some of her insider knowledge of the exclusive prep school – and its rules.

    She said: “It’s a really great little school actually for the reasons I think that it really focuses on kindness, it’s a really big thing in that school and the pastoral care is amazing.

    “There’s a policy that if your child is having a party, unless every child in the class is invited you don’t give out the invites in class, which I think is quite a good thing as you don’t feel excluded.

    “There are signs everywhere saying be kind, that’s the ethos of the school. They don’t encourage you to have best friends.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Virginia ‘told fellow Epstein “slave” that she had sex with Andrew’, Maxwell witness claims

    Ms Giuffre, then Miss Roberts, 17, reportedly showed the victim the infamous picture of her posing with Andrew at convicted sex trafficker Maxwell’s home.

    And Carolyn Andriano, 35, has now waived her right to anonymity to share her full knowledge of Virginia’s alleged encounter.

    She told the Daily Mail Miss Roberts texted her from London in March 2001 to say she was going for dinner with Andrew, Maxwell and Epstein.

    Miss Roberts is alleged to have shown the picture of her with Andrew to Miss Andriano back in Florida, saying of the prince: “I got to sleep with him.”

    She is also said to have said they had dinner and they “had sex”.

    Giving her account, Mrs Andriona, who is now a mum-of-five, explained: “I asked her if she’d been to the palace. And she said ‘I got to sleep with him’.

    “I said ‘What? You’re f****** with me’ and she said ‘no, I got to sleep with him’.”

    The married mum added: “She said they had dinner and they had sex.

    “She didn’t say anything about what they ate or where they were – that’s not what we were talking about.

    “It was just that she couldn’t believe she got to sleep with Prince Andrew.”

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    ‘No-fly zone’ to be put in over Windsor

    Aircraft and drones will be banned from January 27 from passing within a 2,500ft altitude over the residence.

    The order will also make it an offence to fly inside 1.4 miles of the castle walls.

    Moves to increase security come after an intruder with a crossbow got into the grounds, right, after a “kill the Queen” video was posted online on Christmas Day.

    The 95-year-old monarch has spent almost all of the past two years living in her ­private apartments there due to Covid-19 restrictions.

    The Civil Aviation Authority says it is in the public interest to impose the ban.

  • Louis Allwood

    Meghan Markle’s lawyer makes ‘bullying’ comparison

    Jenny Afia insisted claims that the duchess “traumatised” Palace staff are “absolutely untrue” – and the term bullying is used “very casually”.

    Meghan, 40, was accused of driving two personal assistants out of the royal household due to her “totally unacceptable” behaviour.

    Staff were said to be left in tears and feeling “humiliated” by her actions, and claimed she “governed by fear” and snapped: “It’s not my job to coddle people.”

    The allegations sparked an internal investigation, but the duchess has repeatedly denied the claims.

    And her solicitor has reiterated that the Meghan she knows is not a bully.

    Speaking with permission from the actress-turned-royal, Ms Afia, from libel law firm Schillings, said: “I think the first thing is to be really clear about what bullying is because the term gets used very, very casually.

    “My daughter called me a bully last week when I asked her to brush her teeth – she’s seven years old.

    “So the term is used very freely and it’s a very, very damaging term as we know, particularly I think for career women.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Will Meghan return?

    Meghan hasn’t flown back to the UK since Megxit. She was pregnant when the service for Prince Philip took place, and decided not to return on the advice of her doctors.

    The Queen has also not yet had the chance to meet great-granddaughter Lilibet, who was named after her. The tot was born last June.

    However, despite the couple’s now-notorious interview with Oprah Winfrey last March – during which they claimed a member of the family had made a racist remark – Royal expert Neil Sean said they may still get an invitation to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this year.

    “What I’m suspecting is there will be some kind of banquet, perhaps low-key, that they possibly could get invited to,” he said.

    “What we do know, however, is their diaries are remaining free.”

  • Louis Allwood

    How will the Queen spend her Jubilee?

    The national Jubilee festivities are taking place in June over a four-day holiday weekend.

    But the Queen is actually set to pass the milestone on February 6 – the anniversary of the death of her father King George VI in 1952.

    The Queen usually spends her accession day privately at Sandringham, but it is possible she may be seen at church, or carry out a local engagement in Norfolk as she has done in the past on milestone jubilees.

    The royal extravaganza from June 2-5 – with an extra Bank Holiday – includes Trooping the Colour, a service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral, a visit to the Epsom Derby, a live concert at Buckingham Palace, and street parties and picnics.

    A Platinum Jubilee Pageant will also be staged on June 5 against the backdrop of the Palace and along The Mall in central London, and combine street arts, theatre, music, circus, carnival and costume.

    But how much the public will see of the Queen during the celebrations has not yet been confirmed by Buckingham Palace.

  • Louis Allwood

    Family could give evidence

    Andrew’s own family could be called as witnesses in the rape lawsuit against him in a bid to blow apart the royal’s Pizza Express alibi.

    Legal experts said Andrew’s hopes of having the lawsuit dismissed were on the ropes last night after Judge Lewis Kaplan ripped apart his lawyers’ case. 

    Yet Judge Kaplan appeared mostly dismissive of this argument.

    If the case goes ahead, here are five witnesses – including members of Andrew’s own family – who could be called to give evidence.

    1. Princess Beatrice
    2. Meghan Markle
    3. Princess Eugenie
    4. Sarah Ferguson
    5. Anonymous nightclub witness

    Read the article in full here.

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    Queen’s venison burgers

    THE QUEEN’S former chef revealed the Monarch’s fast food favourite, despite tending to avoid the convenient meals on the whole.

    Pro chef Darren O’Grady worked in the royal kitchen for 15 years and has revealed that the Queen dodges fast food as a rule but there was one thing that she really enjoyed.

    But, unlike most people we know, she didn’t hop on the bus down to McDonald’s or Burger King to get her fast food fix, instead having her kitchen team prepare her a meat patty from scratch.

    Darren said: “It always tickled me at Balmoral, we would make our own burgers. They would shoot deer, and we would do venison burgers.

    “There’d be gorgeous cranberry… stuffed into them, but we never set buns out.”

  • Louis Allwood

    Holocaust paintings to be “guiding light for our society”

    The Prince of Wales hopes a series of paintings he has commissioned of Holocaust survivors will be a “guiding light for our society”.

    Charles’ journey as he tasks seven leading artists to paint some of the nation’s last remaining Holocaust survivors is the subject of a new BBC documentary.

    All seven survivors were children in camps or ghettos during the Second World War and are now into their 90s after settling in Britain.

    It is hoped the portraits, which be displayed in London and Edinburgh, will stand as a lasting reminder of the horrors of the Nazi regime which will one day be lost to living memory.

    The heir to the throne will say in the documentary: “As the number of Holocaust survivors sadly, but inevitably, declines, my abiding hope is that this special collection will act as a further guiding light for our society, reminding us not only of history’s darkest days, but of humanity’s interconnectedness as we strive to create a better world for our children, grandchildren and generations as yet unborn; one where hope is victorious over despair and love triumphs over hate.”

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    How long has Queen been patron of Diabetes UK?

    The Queen has been patron of Diabetes UK since 1952 – the year she acceded to the throne.

    The 95-year-old head of state, who is less than a month away from reaching her Platinum Jubilee milestone, has been on doctors’ orders to rest after undergoing preliminary investigations in hospital in October.

  • Louis Allwood

    “I extend my thanks for the scientific, medical and research communities"

    The Queen has sent her “warmest good wishes” to all those living with diabetes to mark the 100th anniversary of the first successful insulin treatment.

    The monarch, who is patron of Diabetes UK, said in a message to the charity that she hopes scientific discoveries yet to come will bring the organisation “ever closer to achieving your vision of a world where diabetes can do no harm”.

    Leonard Thompson, a 14-year-old who was dying from type 1 diabetes, became the first person to receive a life-saving insulin injection on January 11 1922.

    The Queen said: “On the 100th anniversary of the first successful treatment with insulin, I send my warmest good wishes to all those living with and affected by diabetes.

    “This milestone provides an opportunity to celebrate this breakthrough that continues to improve the lives of people living with diabetes around the world.

    “I extend my thanks for the ongoing hard work and dedication of the scientific, medical and research communities, who work tirelessly to further advance their understanding of the condition.

    “As patron of Diabetes UK, I send my greetings to all staff and volunteers, and hope that the discoveries yet to come bring you ever closer to achieving your vision of a world where diabetes can do no harm.”

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    Prince Andrew still waiting

    PRINCE Andrew is still awaiting a ruling on his bid to have Virginia Giuffre’s sexual assault civil lawsuit against him thrown out of court.

    Last Tuesday, New York judge Lewis Kaplan said he would rule “pretty soon” on whether Ms Giuffre can pursue her civil case, and is weighing up whether a settlement agreement between Epstein and Ms Giuffre offers Andrew protection from legal action.

    It has also been reported that Prince Andrew’s lawyers could ‘call Maxwell victim for DEFENCE in a bid to prove accuser Virginia Roberts wasn’t victim’.

    Prince Andrew denies all the allegations against him and says he does not remember meeting Ms Giuffre.

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    Events to take place for the Jubilee

    Green Canopy

    Another Platinum Jubilee event, Her Majesty's Green Canopy, will see thousands of trees planted in the Queen's honour.

    Every planting is being recorded on a digital Queen’s Green Canopy map.

    Platinum Party at the Palace

    On Saturday, June 4, the BBC will host a huge Platinum Party at the Palace – a live concert bringing together some of the world’s biggest entertainers to celebrate the most significant moments from The Queen’s reign.

    Platinum Jubilee Pageant

    Performers, dancers, musicians, military personnel, key workers and volunteers will unite to tell the story of The Queen’s 70 year reign in a festival of creativity.

    This will take place on Sunday, June 5, 2022.

    Service of Thanksgiving

    A service of thanksgiving for the Queen's reign will take place on Thursday, June 2, 2022.

    It will be at St Paul's Cathedral.

  • Louis Allwood

    How can I watch the Platinum Jubilee events?

    All events leading up to the four-day Bank Holiday weekend, as well as the Platinum Jubilee itself, will be broadcast on television.

    Both BBC and ITV are expected to be covering the celebrations.

    ITV will air the Windsor Horse Show from May 12 to 15, where more than 500 horses and 1,000 performers are expected to take part in the Platinum Jubilee Celebration.

    BBC will broadcast live the Platinum Party at the Palace, the special concert that the broadcaster is hosting in Buckingham Palace.

  • Louis Allwood

    How to apply for tickets for the Platinum Jubilee events?

    Although tickets are not yet on sale for Trooping the Colour 2022, applications open in the week starting January 17, 2022.

    Tickets will be allocated by a ballot due to the high interest expected for the event, and applications must be made in January and February 2022.

    People can enter the ballot for The Queen's Birthday Parade through the Army website.

    Apart from the Trooping the Colour, members of the public will be able to get tickets for other Platinum Jubilee events.

    According to the Platinum Jubilee website, another ballot will decide who can attend the Platinum Party at the Palace, and more details about the event are set to be released in February.

    Ahead of the main Jubilee weekend, some members of the Royal Family will attend a special celebration at the Windsor Horse Show, which runs between May 12th and May 15th 2022.

    Tickets for the event are available to buy on their website.

  • Louis Allwood

    Trooping the colour and beacon lighting

    The Jubilee weekend will start with a bang as the Queen’s Birthday Parade (Trooping the Colour) is held.

    Thousands are expected to line the streets between Buckingham Palace and Horse Guards Parade to see the royals.

    Some 1,200 Army officers will take part in the famous event, which will take place in London for the first time since 2019.

    Tickets for the ceremony itself – always in high demand – are to be allocated by ballot.

    On the same day, over 1500 towns, villages and cities throughout the UK, and each capital of the Commonwealth countries, will mark the jubilee by lighting a beacon.

  • Louis Allwood

    Jubilee pudding competition

    A national pudding competition, jubilee lunches and a Birthday Parade are some of the events taking place this year to mark The Queen's seven decades-long reign.

    The May Bank Holiday Weekend – which usually falls at the end of the month – will be moved to Thursday June 2, followed by an extra day off on Friday, June 3.

    Buckingham Palace said in a statement: "The four days of celebrations will include public events and community activities, as well as national moments of reflection on The Queen’s 70 years of service."

    Entries for the huge pudding competition, organised by Fortnum & Mason, opened on January 10.

    The final day for entries is February 4, and a live final will take place on March 14.

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    Waity Katie turned into Saint Kate Middleton… and had the last laugh

    This is a comment piece by Clemmie Moodie

    BLINK and you may have missed it.

    Not the three new pics released to mark Kate Middleton’s 40th. (The fawning blanket-coverage was IMPOSSIBLE to miss.)

    Rather, the apparent early beatification of a woman once disparagingly dismissed as “Waity Katie”.

    Today, at the start of her fifth decade, Saint Kate can do no wrong.

    Maybe it’s because people have seen this quiet, dignified woman perennially smiling, be it when she’s in a community centre in Hartlepool, enthusiastically shaking hands with Maureen and Karen, or cutting the ribbon at a new leisure centre in Crewe.

    Maybe it’s because people have finally embraced the future Princess of Wales after almost 25 years of mourning the previous one.

    Maybe it’s because, in an alternate reality, another 40-year-old duchess — the one preaching about global poverty from her £11million Californian mansion — rules supreme.

    And that doesn’t bear thinking about.

    Read more here.

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    Djokovic’s dad calls on the QUEEN to intervene

    The World Number One's father, Srdjan Djokovic, slammed Australia as a "fake democracy" and claimed his son was being treated as a "political prisoner".

    Officials told him his exemption from strict Covid clamps Down Under was flawed.

    But a judge overturned the decision on Monday, ordering the player’s immediate release from the quarantine hotel and telling the government to pay his legal costs.

    Djokovic’s father Srdjan then sparked hysteria by claiming his son had been arrested and taken back into custody.

    Government officials have insisted Djokovic was never arrested and said he was free to move into his rented accommodation.

    During a press conference in Belgrade, Serbia, Srdjan urged the Queen to get involved in the fiasco and "protect the human rights" of his son, the New Zealand Herald reports.

    According to a translation, he said: "I call on Queen Elizabeth, the leader of the Commonwealth, to intervene and protect the human rights of my son and to stop the political prosecution carried out against him since he came to Australia."

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    Royal news you may have missed

    In other royal news, Meghan had Idris Elba play "bare tunes" like Whitney Houston at her royal wedding.

    And this is the Queen's favourite fast food.

    Plus a Bake Off winner has revealed how to make the perfect pudding for the Queen's Jubilee.

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    Queens sleeping arrangements

    Before his death in April last year, the Queen and Prince Philip famously slept in separate bedrooms.

    According to Lady Pamela Hicks – Philip's cousin – the upper class "always have separate bedrooms".

    Lady Pam made the claim while speaking to Sally Bedell Smith for her biography of the monarch in 2012.

    "In England, the upper class always have had separate bedrooms," she explained.

    Not only is it ‘proper’ to sleep separately, but doctors actually recommend it.

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