Mum left horrified after her cat got involved in a naughty Elf on the Shelf’s antics | The Sun

HAVE you had a go at any elf on the shelf pranks this Christmas?

Millions of parents across the world now take part in the Elf on the Shelf tradition and it’s a great way to have fun with your kids. 

Some parents go to extreme lengths to create elaborate scenes to completely convince their children of the naughty elves mischief. 

Sophia Williams wanted to find a new and exciting Elf on the Shelf scenes for her daughter this festive season. 

But she woke up one morning to a surprise as her cat decided to join in on the fun.

Sophia created a bathroom set to prank her daughter. 

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She used chocolate to write the words ‘Poo, Yuck’ on her bathroom tiles. 

She then placed the ‘cheeky’ elf in the grips of a bath toy shark on the corner of her bathtub.

However the elf wasn’t the only one being cheeky.It seems Sophia’s cat Amber wanted to join in the antics, as Sophia's daughter spotted a pile of poo left in the bathtub left by cat Amber.

Posting to her friends on Facebook, Sophia said her daughter Hollie spotted it first.

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Hollie said: "Mum, there's a real poo in the bath!"

Sophie shared a snap online of her elf on the shelf bathroom set up which had been vandalised by her cat Amber.

Sophia said it wasn’t normal behaviour by her cat and was surprised she excreted in the family bathroom.

Sophia said: "I didn’t see [the cat poo] at first, it was Hollie. I go to look thinking she’s referring to Buddy’s (our elf) chocolate antics and realise the cat has taken a dump in the bathtub! She never poos in there!”

Sophia said her kids found the situation funny.

But she was just grateful she hadn't cleaned the bathroom recently.

She said: "The kids found it hilarious, obviously. 

She continued: “I'm just glad I didn’t get round to cleaning the bathroom yesterday."

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