Mum-of-12 opens up about their crazy life – including the mountain of laundry she folds every day

A MUM-of-12 gave the lowdown on what it's like to have a dozen children – from their hobbies to her epic cleaning routine.

Britni Church has 12 children, including a set of triplets and a newborn girl, Rowyn, that joined the brood on 12th July.

The Church family document every day life on their Instagram account which has racked up more than 100k followers, all who are keen to get an insight into life with the unique family.

But things are anything but straight forward in a family-of-14 as mum Britni shows with her daily cleaning routine.

In one video, the 32-year-old mum showed herself sorting a mountain of laundry into several huge piles before she attempted to fold each item and put it into a plastic container.

She also uploaded a video of the daily cleaning routine she performs on the twins room after just 12 hours of use, where she has to tidy, sweep and vacuum each day just to keep on top of the mess.

The family drive a mini van which needs six child's seats for the youngest of the brood.

When the family go on "walks" they even have a cart for the youngest children to sit in and be pulled along.

Britni explained that she was 23 years old and a single mum with six children, from two different partners, when she met her husband.

She said that she never expected to fall in love and marry and he had sworn never to marry at all but in 2015 they tied the knot.

They have since had a further six children, including the three triplet boys, Oliver, Asher and Abel, making a total of 12 children.

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