Mum shares sneaky trap she sets her husband to see if he does the cleaning – but gets slated for not trusting him

A WOMAN has shown the sneaky way she makes sure her husband really does the cleaning.

Posting on TikTok, Chrissy J explained the dad promised to clean their house while she took the kids out for the day.

But keen to make sure he did a proper job, she sprinkled purple glitter around the house.

She then hid the glitter under a candle, diffuser and a pot of vitamins, to see if her husband moved them to dust.

She said: "Let's see if he actually does?!" adding: "the xbox was on when I left".

But the mum was slated for the "trap" by some followers online.

One said: "Maybe just appreciate the fact that he's cleaning. So what he doesn't move stuff? You don't have to do that every single time."

While a second wrote: "Instead of setting them up for failure why don't you be more specific about what you want cleaned?"

And a third person commented: "Maybe just communicate with your partner.

"If someone set traps like this for me I would just feel like they want to start a fight and doesn't trust me."

But some sympathised with the woman, saying men shouldn't be praised for doing the "bare minimum" at home.

One wrote: "Bothers me when people say 'just appreciate he's done it at all'.

"Why has it become the norm for men if they do it at all to only do the bare minimum".

And a second said: "Y'all acting like she made a huge mess for him to clean, maybe she has a good reason to think he won't clean.

"Mine takes a week to wash the dishes."

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