Mums are using OVEN cleaner to get their streaky shower screens sparkling & it can banish other grime too – The Sun

WE don't know about you, but we can never seem to get the shower screen clean.

No matter how much we scrub with our usual cleaning products, those stubborn water marks just don't want to budge.

But cleaning-mad mums have revealed an amazing alternative way to get that pesky piece of glass or plastic sparkling clean.

They reckon using oven cleaner instead of bathroom products is the key to a clean shower screen.

Sharing photos of her handiwork on the Facebook group Mums Who Clean, one wrote: "Before and after photos of cleaning glass shower screens with oven cleaner."

People were wowed by the results, with one commenting: "Well that’s a game changer."

Another said: "Yay. I’ve been saying that for ages. Glad it worked for you."

When asked how she used oven cleaner in the bathroom, the woman replied: "Spray it on and leave for 20 mins. Then use a scourer that you use on pots and pans, it does not harm the glass.

"Do not spray on the chrome frame though."

She added that she uses an odourless brand of cleaner and is careful to wear a mask while cleaning so not to inhale the chemical fumes.

She's not the only one who was amazed by the powerful effects of oven cleaner in the shower.

Another woman shared photos of her own impressive cleaning handiwork.
"Before and after," she wrote. "So satisfying.


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